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  1. Mirby

    Bravely Default II - Or is it Bravely 3 technically? February 2021

    This was announced at The Game Awards tonight. Apparently taking place on a new world with new Heroes of Light, releasing for Switch next year at some point. Revo returns for soundtrack duties as well.
  2. Mirby

    I'm back

    hey there i have returned after many years because my life is stable again huzzah I'm now engaged, living in Arizona, working a full time job on computers, and streaming on weekends with my fiancé. also I'm 30 now such old very age much ancient wow (yes i do still think doge is great)
  3. Mirby

    And Then Three Years Passed (and change)

    So it's been a little over 3 years since I joined KHI and it's been pretty fun. Just was kinda surprised that it had been 3 years already so yeah Here's to many more haha
  4. Mirby

    Share & Enjoy

    Share & Enjoy I released an album. Just a short EP but it's cool. Check it out~ Also there's now a handy-dandy link for it in my signature!
  5. Mirby

    Finally hit 3000!

    Yeah, it's me again. And I've hit 3000 posts, so I should be Platinum now. yay! yeah, this certainly is rather anti-climactic, i must say. but still cause for celebration! i think... here, this should help WGyFaucjmBw
  6. Mirby

    Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PS3) - Coming 2014?

    Recently in Japan, Namco held it's usual Tales of Festival. And, much like last year's event, there was a rather surprising announcement. Last year revealed Tales of Xillia 2. This year? Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack, an HD collection of the original Tales of Symphonia along with the Wii...
  7. Mirby

    The Hills Have Birthdays

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLBOY~ here's a cake to fight the other cake CAKE WARS GO!
  8. Mirby

    Mew-Genics, Team Meat's Latest Game

    so yeah, they just announced it within the last few hours. there's a website up already (click the above pic) but nothing really visible there. can't wait to see what it's about. or to hear the soundtrack.
  9. Mirby

    Art Requested for Audio Engineering: A Cid Tribute Project!!

    So as some of you may possibly be aware, I'm directing an album entitled Audio Engineering: A Cid Tribute Project. It's dedicated to the many Cids of Final Fantasy. Because of that, I thought I'd post in here to see if anyone wanted to contribute album art for the project, which (provided all...
  10. Mirby

    Can't Recommend Awards via Form

    So I was just checking to try recommending the Forum Friend award for MegaWallflower, but instead of giving me the form and then saying ERROR like before, now it just doesn't even let me do that. I get the "You don't have sufficient privileges to view this page" window now. I know we just...
  11. Mirby

    And Thusly, A Year Had Passed...

    Yeah, so I've been here for a year. Crazy year it's been. Last year the forums were broken because of the TGS info (and it's creepin' up on us again) and now the game has been out. Ben Diskin dropped by, that was fun. Fun year. I'll probably be hangin' around for some time longer. It's fun...
  12. Mirby

    Creative Writing Interview #1 - Annoyance

    Annoyance has been a member of KHI for nearly a decade, with a few breaks here and there. Having recently returned from a hiatus, she jumped headfirst into critiquing the works of others as before her break. She has also got right back into the fray of the Creative Writing section and taken the...
  13. Mirby

    A Question Regarding Flick Rush

    Just wondering, do I just need to clear all the cups to get dat Keyblade or do I have to get a Gold clear on them all too? :<
  14. Mirby

    Operation Sunrise - Golden Sun 4?

    Recently Nintendo-Gamer interviewed Hiroyuki Takahashi of Camelot Software Planning in regards to the new Mario Tennis. He was briefly asked about the Golden Sun series; here is the relevant excerpt from the article. In response to this, a group of people took the reins and formed Operation...
  15. Mirby

    10,000 Dream Eaters

    Well since I won the 10,000 Moogles thread, kupo, apparently it falls on me to kick off 10,000 Dream Eaters. Rules: -No tags -No personal attacks -Have fun #1 Dream Eater
  16. Mirby

    Final Mix Journal Album Notes

    So I'm playing through Final Mix with the English patch, and a good chunk of the game is translated (everything important). However, I've noticed that the Album in Jiminy's Journal has little annotations on each of the pictures (instead of just the pic itself like in vanilla KH2). So I'm...
  17. Mirby

    What's Your Blues Name?

    Big Liver McGee.
  18. Mirby

    Neo-Geo Pocket Returns?

    Source A new Neo-Geo handheld, eh? Sounds pretty good to me! :3
  19. Mirby

    Help/Support ► A Little Help Please

    Now, I don't even know what kind of help I'll get, if any, with this. I mainly just need to vent and get some things out, because my current state of mind is not that good. Seriously, my current thought is "What does one do when one no longer finds any joy in life?" And that's a very dark...
  20. Mirby

    After 4 Long Months...

    I have achieved Premium Status. Now I'm confused cuz my name is still blue. XD But yeah, I've finally achieved this. And with that, I'll probably cut down on posting as much; no longer getting close to Premium having been already there.