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  1. B

    What's good folks! Back in action!

    Howdy folks! It's been ages! It's your old pal Brol/Dygado/Thekeyblademaker etc.etc.etc... or you may have known me through the KHinferno days also! anyway.... so pumped to see all this new kh3 stuff and I had to swing by my old stepping grounds to see folks and meet new fans alike! Hit me...
  2. B

    Brol is back?

    Well sorta. I came back with a Associates in Music which is great news... but as I return.. I wonder whose still around? any of the old Inferno buddies still kickin around here?
  3. B

    Archive error?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/forumsk/public_html/archive/index.php on line 292 I'm trying to access it to save a roleplay thread me, Solareon and Sephiroth2 created a good while back called War for Power >_<
  4. B

    Help/Support ► Need help making a Podcast....

    Well here's the deal, Me and my friends are making a youtube series, Mario and Sonic: Dimensional Chaos.. And well We've been talking about making a podcast but we really don't have any idea how to do so... does anybody have any idea on how to help us start this off? -Character, Amigo Brol
  5. B

    Final Hour [Sign Ups & OOC Thread]

    [all credits to this picture goes to the creator I~gawa from Deviant art :]I~gawa's artwork Today is June 2nd, 2019 and instead of enjoying the fine summer with my friends as we all graduate from college, I'm here in Oxdicon bunker, just another being trying to survive. It was just a few years...
  6. B

    3 years of fun

    So yea it's been three years since i was here.... pretty cool pretty cool :D
  7. B

    a Fairy Tail roleplay??

    Fairy tail is a very interesting manga/anime, rank 4 out of 20 in Onemanga.com and well... its pretty much using magic..hahaha some can use ice magic or summon [Celestial summon magic] or dark magic, or even Elemental Dragon magic like Fire, Iron, Poison, Thunder and Sky...
  8. B

    petition for Final Mix to be released in USA

    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix North American Release Petition Petition ok ok so who knows if this is the real deal but hey why not sign for it right? please sign this... who knows maybe we might be able to get this game here! with enough sigs of course spread the word too!
  9. B

    18th bday woooo

    Dygado's 18th bday is today wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! spent the whole daying chilling with my pals and tonight working but next week i called off work to go to Atlantic City for a few days god i cnt wait!!!
  10. B

    Open your Eyes [An open RP no temps]

    ER... Im rly sorry but I change my mind im not making this a roleplay and instead i'm making it a fanfic :3 or... original fic... -_- plz delete this page
  11. B

    CLASS OF 09!!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! graduation is in 6.5 hours!!!! I can't wait! getting out of freakin high school and into college! lol but that doesn't mean i won't stop coming here...
  12. B

    im scared!

    every time i sign in i see notifications... and i figure oh ok i'll check it, but when i try to add the new friend request i got... the server decides to crash or something and i can't go on for a WHILE >_<... now im even scared to check my profile page... i fear it'll crash on me again.... i...
  13. B

    i need your opinion...

    Ok, so my mom's been telling me that she got my financial aid down and now i should worry about SAT's/ Courses/ a bunch of stuff.... Im not gunna lie, i barely got my hands filled with my classes right now... And i know myself, im a one tracked minded person... It's hard to explain because im...
  14. B

    Tall Tale Origins [Sign ups + Discussion]

    Brol looks around with a dull, dead-like expression as he notices a few soldiers rushing at him. One by one, Soldiers circle around him, locking on him with their guns. Suddenly a tall military captain walks infront of the soldiers with a pistol and rolled up piece of paper in his hand. "Are you...
  15. B

    New looks for a Original Roleplay.. need help!

    Aight well then how about this; i say when in doubt, let the masses vote for a new original roleplay... So yea vote for something you think it's interesting... this is not a promise saying your gonna join it, nah i just wanna know if any of theses ideas are interesting hahahaha You can...
  16. B

    KRAZY! The delirious World of Sam

    well today i attended this Manga exhibition it wasn't too bad, though it wasn't so big... i was able to take a few pictures of the collection of Manga they had. It was in moderate proportions but the thing i wanted to really tell the KHI congregation was the Kingdom Hearts stuffs i found :3 it...
  17. B

    Hm tell me what you think of this?

    well i was playing around with a few things on my Paint.net lololol anyway, please tell me which one bets suits this subject, alls i did was play around with hues, ink oil and pencil sketches and glow... this is the original: and theses were played with...
  18. B

    The Hunger Games OCC+Sign Ups [based off a book]

    [Slight Spoilers to those who actually want to read this book.....first couple paragraphs are just a simple summary, for those who don't want to read the spoiled, i suggest not joining this roleplay.] "Hello, My name is Brol Ruiz. I live in District 12 with my family. My Mother, Marina...
  19. B

    I won't be on for i believe in a long time...

    It seems that my new puppy thought it would be a game if she'd tear apart my Laptop charger, my cellphone charger, two school books >_< so either way i won't be online for some time! right now i got only about 2 hours left in my laptop so i'll only use it for updates... sorry my fellow...
  20. B

    New Puppy= Less online time

    yea so my mom was vry spontaneous and bought a puppy.... here's a picture of it!: .... so yea cause of this cute little puppy....i now have to take care of it.... alot -_- which means i can't be online alot