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    The Dream Thread

    cause i felt like it So as the title says, this thread is about dreams, your dreams. You know, the ones where you got to sleep and are dragged out of in the morning. Not the kind about what you want to do with your life. What dreams have you had lately? What ones have you had in the past? Any...
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    I haven't seen a thread with this subject, so I thought I'd start one. What do you think about about smoking? Or about those who smoke? Do you yourself? If you do, how long have you been? What do you think makes people smoke or want to start? I'm taking about cigarettes, obviously.
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    Tech ► iPhone or Droid?

    Which do you think is better? Which do you personally use? Which type do you use or have? What has the most capabilities and crashes the least? Which is the simplest to use? Thanks for answering.
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    What's the point in Axel\Lea coming back?

    I can almost understand Roxas coming back, but Axel\Lea? What's the use of him coming back? He had his story, it ended well. Just because he's a fan favorite doesn't mean he has to come back. I get why TAV need to come back, they are keyblade masters and have information on MX that might\will...
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    what have you done with my children?
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    Napoleon Dynamite - The Animated Series

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=dQ0uUdbsIxY Napoleon Dynamite - The Animated Series Trailer - YouTube I couldn't find much info on it. I don't know what to think of this.
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    Reformed White Supremacist Gang Leader Removes Tattoos

    Reformed White Supremacist Has 25 Procedures To Remove Racist Face Tattoos (PHOTOS) - International Business Times The Daily Blender: Reformed White Supremacist Gang Leader Removes Tattoos (VIDEO) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hkUXTiiIcFM
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    How old are you?

    It's looks like most of the members here are 18 to 20. But I'm wondering what ages members are the most and the least.
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    How do you measure Intelligence?

    What do you think intelligence is\should be measured by? How do you personally decide whether a person is "smart" or not? On how much they know, how quickly they can think and answer, on what things\subjects they're interested in, how much they think, what they think about, kinds of questions...
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    Guide to GIFs

    I notice people seem to make a lot of GIFs around here, at least to me. Their also pretty clear cut, good quality. They seem like such cool things to me. I've had a lot of ideas for awhile... But.....I'm a noob, so I don't know where to start. I'm not sure what program to use, or even how to...
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    Latest Obsession Thread

    What is your current obsession? Any past obsessions you mind sharing? What obsession of yours have you obsessed about the most? It could be anything. From an animal to a subject, a band to a character, a hobby to a movie. Just anything. I'll start. Breaking Bad
  12. B

    How do you watch?

    I've searched so many times for a site that I can watch movies and shows on. It's so frustrating. It's either a virus, or something you have to pay for, which I can't do. I'm really stuck on this. This question isn't just about me trying to find a place to watch entertainment, but I'm curious...
  13. B

    E3 Time Zone

    So the official date for E3 to start is June 7th. But that's in Japan, and aren't they almost a day ahead of us *US or EU* in their time zone? So would it technically be the 6th that they start it, for us? I know this is a stupid question, but I was wondering what you guys think.
  14. B

    Did Riku like Kairi?

    "Riku is willing to go to any length to save Kairi--even join forces with Maleficent" "I get to share the paopu with Kairi. Deal? The winner gets to share a paopu with Kairi." "Thanks to you. If you hadn't come here, I probably wouldn't have thought of any of this. Kairi, Thanks." "Oh well, I...
  15. B

    Mom gives her daughter botox

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auzvSkIk7xg&feature=player_embedded#at=227 What do you think of this? Should she be left alone about this? Have her kid taken away? Or burned at the stake maybe? It's really shocking child beauty pageants have gone this far.....
  16. B

    Days or BBS?

    It seems like the forums are split on two sides. (I know that is a stereotypical and very black-and-white view, but I have noticed a few posts like this) But I was curious, which game do you prefer? Do you like one more than the other? Did you like both? Or did you like neither?
  17. B

    Where do you go?

    Besides KHi, where do you hang out at online? What other sites do you frequently post on?
  18. B

    Spring Break

    For those who still go to school, are you planning anything for Spring Break? What are you going to do? Did you already have it? If so, what did you do? What have you done for previous Spring Breaks? And do people who go to college get a spring break?
  19. B

    Spoof Songs

    Since there is one about actual songs, I wanted to put one about parody, spoof, and comdedic songs. Do you have ones you like? Are you listening to one right now? Do you have a favorite? You can post any you like here.
  20. B

    Most active times

    What time of the day will KHInsider be the most active? It seems whenever I'm here, no one is around. It's probably my imagination, but it just seems like that to me. So, when is this place the most full? At what time of the day? And I know it's dependent on what time zone everyone is in, but is...