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Search results

  1. roxasisamazing

    Judge Judy vs. Judge Jow Brown

    Aight let's have it who is better?
  2. roxasisamazing

    iPhone vs. Blackberry

    Which do you believe is the better smartphone?
  3. roxasisamazing

    guess whos back!!!!!

    sup KHI, I've been gone on vacation but now im back... so what did I miss?
  4. roxasisamazing

    Gonna be Gone for a bit

    Sup KHI I'm not gonna be on for a bit since imma gonna go to Germany for a month so peace out XD
  5. roxasisamazing

    The Second Coming ( a challenge to DG44)

    you up for this?
  6. roxasisamazing

    The Duel of the Unforgiving (Challenge to Deaddude15)

    this is a challenge to you Deaddude15
  7. roxasisamazing

    Jason Bourne vs. James Bond

    who is better?
  8. roxasisamazing

    Does anyone know any good antivirus software?

    yeah im sick of Norton and want a new antivirus program but i dont know which ones are good... can you help me out?
  9. roxasisamazing

    Who your Favorite Techno Artist?

    I like Prodigy and the Crystal Method
  10. roxasisamazing

    +++++The Anti Movie Game Thread--

    I hate all movie games
  11. roxasisamazing

    Favorite Ace Combat Game

    which one is yours?
  12. roxasisamazing

    Which Irganizarion Member would you be?

    Who do you think you relate or resemble? damn typo in the title to the max...
  13. roxasisamazing

    Favorite Need For Speed game

    This is about your favorite need for speed game mine is most wanted
  14. roxasisamazing

    Your Favorite ► who's your favorite villain from ANY video game?

    This thread is pretty much self explainitory... Favorite villain from any game