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  1. Oathy

    Submit your Questions to Vexen's VA!

    Hey guys! You probably remember that last summer, Kyle Wynen and I represented KHinsider and FinalFantasyXIII.net at Otakon 2008. We interviewed voice actor and director Richard Epcar about his experiences working on Kingdom Hearts II as Ansem/Xehanort. Well, it's that time again! We'll...
  2. Oathy

    Princesses and *Kairi* in Birth by Sleep?

    Monkeybutt and I were just discussing the timeframe of KH:BBS. I came up with a rather interesting observation and theory. In Kingdom Hearts, Leon and Yuffie mention their world was overtaken by darkness "9 years ago". In other words, Kairi would have been five years old (seeing as she was 14...
  3. Oathy

    Three Brand-New Interviews with Nomura and Team!

    Hey all! I just spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS, kthx, cleaning up these three interviews that have been floating around from Famitsu. Please do go take a look--there's lots of great new info to be found here. Tons of New Info in Nomura Interviews! - Kingdom Hearts Insider Discuss away!
  4. Oathy

    Fanfiction ► This Time, I'll Fight :: A Post-CoM AUFic

    Hey there, everyone. Back in June 2005, I began writing a post-CoM sequel, beginning with Kairi's return to Destiny Islands and Sora's awakening from his memory-restoring sleep--"This Time, I'll Fight", essentially how I thought the story should continue. The plot of KH2 is ignored in the...
  5. Oathy

    A Friendly Message from Light Yagami (spoilers present)

    So, DN's last episode aired today. We asked Light how he felt about this. :D (Idea/execution of idea by me, screencap by Dogenzaka)
  6. Oathy

    Trinity Blood

    Forgive me if this is too obscure of an anime, but I've been a fan of TB for about a year now. Abel Nightroad pretty much rules my world. ^_^ Trinity Blood is an anime based on a novel (read: yes, that's a NOVEL...not a manga). It takes place approx 1000 years from now, in our own universe...
  7. Oathy

    KH Piano Medley

    You guys seemed to like it when I posted my Sanctuary and Passion piano vids, so...this is for you guys. <3 I love y'all! Video: Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 Piano Medley Music by: Yoko Shimomura, Kaoru Wada, Utada Hikaru Performed by: Lauren M. (aka Oathy) Linkage: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 Piano...
  8. Oathy

    KHII Nostalgia

    Well, kiddos, this time last year, we were all running to our respective game stores to pick up Kingdom Hearts II for the first time in America. (If you're like my store, you probably got it Wednesday the 29th instead of Tuesday the 28th) How was your KH2 experience? Would you go through all...
  9. Oathy

    New Translations from Famitsu!

    Thanks to Tomo of KH-2.net for making our job so much easier! I went through and cleaned up messy or unclear translation and have posted it on the main site. You can read all about it here. Discuss away! There's a lot of new info here.
  10. Oathy

    SquareEnix News + KH2:FM+ Info

    Quite a bit of news has surfaced, including Squenix licensing a new graphics engine, confirmation/rumors about the "pre-order bonus" for those in Japan who get FM+, and new screens! Head on over to the main site to read more! http://www.khinsider.com/index.php
  11. Oathy

    2007 Calendar Scans

    Hey everyone! As you may have seen on the main site already, the scans from the KH 2007 Calendar have appeared online. They're really quite nice; they're full-color illustrations done by the amazing Shiro Amano, who is the current KH mangaka. www.khinsider.com
  12. Oathy


    Hey TNY members and everyone, In case you hadn't noticed, TNY closed a while ago...without restarting. Teishoku no Yume has officially disbanded, simply because Sarah (*Oathkeeper*) and me, Lauren have noticed 1) general inactivity, 2) member feuds, 3) a general fading-out of TNY's scrapbook...
  13. Oathy

    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    I know this is a hot topic of debate among the fans of Chain of Memories, so here is the spot for all of you to dish about YOUR theories and ideas about Zexion's weapon. Today, a new screenshot was released, and while it's vague...well, see for yourself: Go ahead and discuss away! This...
  14. Oathy

    KH2 Nostalgia

    Well, everyone, it's been roughly a year since all the hype of KH2 was rising to its climax. Our four year wait was finally coming to an end, because Kingdom Hearts II was about to be released in Japan. Think about it. One year ago, almost to the day, we were all marveling over the revelation...
  15. Oathy

    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Well, kids, this is the news we've all been waiting for since Sora, Kairi, and Riku found that letter. Kingdom Hearts II : Final Mix has been (almost officially) confirmed. Scans from V-Jump magazine surfaced showing the first armored knight from the secret movie Sunset Horizons *UNMASKED!*...
  16. Oathy

    :// teishoku [no] .y.u.m.e.

    :// teishoku[no].y.u.m.e. [ let's try this again >> goneforaloop :: DREAMERS.REMIXED } >> Welcome to version 2.0 of Teishoku no Yume [TNYgfx] graphics clan. // still following our own rules >> create the path less traveled-by >> this is our dream...in full color.<< //- - - - - - - - - - - -...
  17. Oathy

    "Need Help? Ask me!" Threads

    Yesh, hello, I am your new KH section mod. Yoroshiku and pleased to meet you. I've been seeing a lot of threads in which people are saying "Do you need help? Post under here!" This is just begging for spam and for pointless questions that other stickies/threads have already answered. We...
  18. Oathy

    Philadelphia PLAY! Symphony

    ...is anyone else going? :rolleyes:
  19. Oathy

    TNYgfx :// Assignment 1.5

    Hey all TNYgfx members. Our sort of first, sort of second assignment is finally here! Most of our members are done school, so this shouldn't be that difficult. We already did "pressies", even without an official thread, so this is technially assignment 1.5. What you have to do for this...
  20. Oathy

    << : Teishoku no Yume GFX :>>

    { teishoku.n.o.[ y u m e ] GFX } { we are the ambrosial etherealists of memories Distant l i g h t and dreams bind us together... a s o n e; [weavers of chained memories.] ~-&~-&~-&~-&-~ We are NOT only a clan but a group of f r i e n d s, a little society of people, a family who...