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  1. GTX

    Square Comments on Overseas

    KHI's Update Square Enix Comment on Overseas Business Development “It is crucial for us to expand our businesses on a global basis,” said Yoichi Wada,President and Representative Director, SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. “At this point, our revenue from sales of games for console and handheld devices in...
  2. GTX

    Fanfiction ► It's A Lost Cause

    It's A Lost Cause - Fanfiction.net Disclaimer: I do not claim any ownership whatsoever to anything from Kingdom Hearts. Anything within Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square-Enix and it’s characters were created by Tetsuya Nomura. It’s A Lost Cause Chapter One: The Kill (Coldplay) Sparks flew...
  3. GTX

    Fanfiction ► True One ~ KH Prequel

    This is a revival of an old FanFic I did in the past, which can be found here. My writing skills have improved greatly, and this story was my favorite storyline. I plan on finishing it, and reqriting the whole thing. If you did read the old version, there are some changes in the plot and...
  4. GTX

    Knight/Limit Form Render + New Keyblades- High Quality

    Knight and Keyblade Render Sora Limit Form Render Keyblade For Defeating Roxas Keyblade For Defeating XIII Mushroom Heartless Don't know about you guys but I really like the design for Roxas' keyblade. The Knight's looks powerful too. Source: aaronindhouse
  5. GTX

    30 Screens From Commercial (Good Quality)

    Found the time to rip 30 screens from the new commercial. Good Quality. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix Zexion Battle: http://www.khinsider.com/images/kh2fmcommercial/image%2005.png http://www.khinsider.com/images/kh2fmcommercial/image%2004.png Lexaeus Battle...
  6. GTX

    Picture Requests

    Some members are having a hard time locating our new picture request location in the Graphics Seciton, Requests Sub-Forum. So I thought a new, more organized thread was needed. I created a photobucket account solely for the purpose of this thread. This will make sure that the links are correct...
  7. GTX

    Spoilers- Final Form Tips

    Since this is the members helping members section... I thought I would pass on to you some useful information. Many of you have been having trouble with obtaining Final Form lately, and I've already seen mulitple threads. So hears a few easy tips to get all you need for Final Form. -To...
  8. GTX

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Leon's Angel

    Most of you may have guessed that I'd make a Rinoa fan fic eventually. "What if, Rinoa was actually in the Kingdom Hearts universe but never seen? And what if it actually did fit in within the story line?" http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2828895/1/ ~ Prequel~ Hollow Bastion, a seemingly...
  9. GTX

    Sanctuary Discussion Thread

    After countless threads about Sanctuary, we really needed an official thread for this. Please discuss anything (or ask) about Sanctuary in here. Now here's all the current information we know. If anyone would like to add *coughNarutoEXEcough* any information I missed out, then please feel free...
  10. GTX

    Fanfiction ► Teen Titans: The Aftermath

    I'm sure a handful of you are familar with the show Teen Titans. Unfortunately some of you might not know that Teen Titans had their series finale yesterday. As an episode it was overall good, but as a series finale it left many questions unanswered. So I've decided to continue their story...
  11. GTX

    Spoilers- Sora's Awakening Theories

    I was recently answering a question on a thread, but while answering a question something got me thinking... why does Roxas need to fuse with Sora for him to wake up? I haven't heard an answer for this yet, only different speculations going about... Theory 1: This theory was the one, I think...
  12. GTX

    Spoilers: Picture Request/Findings Thread

    Warning: Some of the pictures here will have some spoilers. I will be sure to put spoiler markings next to the ones with spoilers. Lately I've seen plenty of picture request threads, new pics and look at these pictures I got, and frankly I'm getting tired of all of them. To help keep this...
  13. GTX

    Spoilers- Organization Hideout Theory

    Recently news has of Kingdom hearts II has been going crazy. Most recently is the news that inside the organization hideout is high-tech. Possible that may rule out Castle Oblivion's appearance in KH2. But I do believe however that it will still appear. Anyways, the question is how would...
  14. GTX

    New Trailer Information

    New Trailer Information: -This scene is shown. Donald turns to Sora for help and Sora has an intelectual expression on his face. - Sora, Donald, and Goofy are shown being dematerialized into data to be sent into Space Paranoids. -In the Timeless River Donald drags Goofy and Sora by there arms...
  15. GTX

    New Scan: YRP and Setzer

    New scans have surfaced, showing off Yuna Rikku and Paine and Setzer from FFVI. Translations are still to come. Source: KHU BTW Setzer: FF6 Bio Source: FFOdyssey It seems that YRP gang now has wings. Paine gains black wings, Rikku's scarf acts as wings, but I have yet to see a set for Yuna.
  16. GTX

    Go Ask Alice (Anonymous)

    I recently got done reading the book Go ask Alice. It was recommended to me by a friend to read it. Basically, it was about a girl who uses drugs, who also kept a diary. The book is entirely made up of what she wrote down. In the beginning i found it boring, just normal teenage drama. It got...
  17. GTX

    Sora's Emotions

    Me and my friend got into a discussion on MSN about the new trailer. Just various stuff that both angered and enlightened us. Well my friend suddenly had an idea on BHK. One translation from the new trailer has showed up that got his interest. He believes that BHK somewhat inherited...
  18. GTX

    Organization Spots~ Debate

    After I saw the TGS trailer me and my friend got into a debate on whether the spots that belonged to dead members were going to be replaced with new ones. I represented that they would be replaced while my friend stood by that they wouldn't. It all started when I noticed a sixth member in the...
  19. GTX

    New Translations

    Here are some translations of those V-Jump scans we got a while ago: -In the Winnie the Pooh scan, nothing important is being said. The top on says "One, Two, Three!" (Pulling out Pooh I presume) -Also. it speaks about the Co-Op moves, it says that magic and attack are more powerful when you...
  20. GTX

    Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

    Whats so special about Devil May Cry 3: Special Addition? TGS 2005: Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Trailer Impressions TOKYO-- Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition was only recently confirmed, but it's already making a presence at TGS this year. Unfortunately it was in the form of a trailer, so...