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  1. Epilogue

    LOL i missed this message by a few months... we're never on the same page for timing are we?

    LOL i missed this message by a few months... we're never on the same page for timing are we?
  2. Epilogue

    hi you! how are you!? i'm doing well :D

    hi you! how are you!? i'm doing well :D
  3. Epilogue


  4. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► Undying Devotion [oneshot]

    Undying Devotion By: Shiro-chan Disclaimer: I don't own the KH series. Pairing: SoraxKairi Genre: Angst, Romance, Tragedy Setting: Takes place six years after KH2 at Destiny Islands. Rating: K+ Summary: It has been six years since Sora and co, have finished the fight. It had been six years...
  5. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► Twilight Nights Pt.1, my horror/comedy fanfic

    I guess I can resist choking you...><; /huggles ;-; I'll miss you when your gone, heck! I miss ya right now. xD
  6. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► {.:Tainted Memories:.}

    ^-^ It's okay. Just wanted to point some things out. :3
  7. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► {.:Tainted Memories:.}

    :3 Oh yay, I'm in xD. This is getting interesting. *organization *until ^ You mispelled those. D:
  8. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► Twilight Nights Pt.1, my horror/comedy fanfic

    Sex tickles death? lmfao xD. "I'm a Speedo model, not Queer Entertainment Monthly...." "Errr, your last cover shoot was for QEM." Favorite part. xDD [nosebleed]
  9. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► ::Karaoke Lesson::

    Dirty Riku, dirty...very dirty...*cough* Anyways, moving on off that rub-a-dub..I mean yeah..-.- Love this chapter. <3 Keep on going~!
  10. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► ::Karaoke Lesson::

    Subscribed. Love it so far.
  11. Epilogue

    Darkside of Worlds? (Spoilers of KH2 ending)

    Actually, this makes sense, I've been thinking about this lately, ever since KH:CoM to be exact, but I was more focused on to the princesses of heart. Worlds having their dark halves, it makes a lot of sense, well at least to me. Balance in light and darkness is extremely important is usually...
  12. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► *Sparks* [Now a fic]

    Lmao, that Demyx. >xD He's so adorable. ^.^ Luffing the Larxel<3
  13. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► {.:Tainted Memories:.}

    :3 Nice chapter...Ed forgot you guys? ;-;
  14. Epilogue

    Pick 3 KH2 people you would marry.

    xD I should of seen that coming from you. 1. Hayner 2. Roxas 3. Axel <33333333333333333 If I was a guy 1. Kairi 2. Olette 3. Yuffie <333
  15. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► {.:Tainted Memories:.}

    ^-^ Alright Sakura-chan. I can wait xD
  16. Epilogue

    Cid and Aerith voices

    xD ;-; What did SE and Disney do to our lovely Aeriths' voice? I mean Mandy Moore was great for her VA. I didn't see a big issue in that. I love that theory Flare. [sigs it]. I'm sure it's pretty much true.
  17. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► Eyes On Me - A Roxiri AU

    I loved part 5 Shiro. <3 Wonderful work once again.
  18. Epilogue

    Fanfiction ► Eyes On Me - A Roxiri AU

    >_> Uh, she updates it on FFnet if you didn't know that.
  19. Epilogue


    >_>;; He did. Kissing someone doesn't mean you love them. Like the french greeting with the kiss on the cheek, if I kiss my friends on the cheek it doesn't mean I love them in that way. Love doesn't need to be physical, the credits showed us that. Kairi got even more beautiful, and her...