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    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    Atlantica Tron (unless its based on the new movie cause the one in KH2 has horrid designs) PoC Agrabah I just hope they add in more original worlds and maybe some Final Fantasy worlds cause its suppose to be a Disney + Final Fantasy game but they only add in 1 or 2 FF chars in the newer games.
  2. X

    PSP2/ NGP Possible Home to BBSV2 or Future KH Titles !Update Pics!

    Re: PSP2/NGP maybe holding BBSv2? My heart is hoping for it to be in the PSP but for the sake of it being better then 3D (cause I don't like 3DS and don't intend to buy one) and having crazy gameplay plus graphics I want it to be in NGP.
  3. X


    wow you guys sure r excited about 358/2 and i thought i'm the onli one compared to bbs i think 358/2 is more exciting cause i've always wanna fight in the darkside and using a org member is so cool i mean they're more powerful and cooler than sora.
  4. X

    whos the armored person in the new scene in KH2FM+

    we think its hers but we're not 100% sure anyways all will be answered in BBS so juz wait.
  5. X

    The peices on VAT are armor!

    maybe your right i agree wit u but tat butterfly thing really does sound a little gay.
  6. X

    BBS New Enemy Theory

    the soul huh?its a big possibillity but if its not the soul what is it then.
  7. X

    Does anyone have???

    if your saying that a nobody takes the look of his/her ancestor then I think you might be wrong cause sora has already been born during VAT's time I meam ven is only about 20 or less and sora's about 5 or 6 how could ven be sora's ancestor except if you say that ven is sora's brother but kh has...
  8. X

    New to the game, need some help

    if you have anymore problems you could send some more threads I had the sme problem as you did when i started but luckily I got my friends help but the funny thing is i went to yen sid's castle instead of merlin's house man i'm stupid
  9. X

    Snow White world in Birth by Sleep - Official Thread

    Re: Snow White world in BBS? cool if bbs is gonna include the 7 princesses may be it will show how kairi came to sora and riku's island like hollow bastion was in danger and VAT has to protect kairi by sending her to another world that's my guess of course
  10. X

    Possible mistake about Saïx

    saix can go berserk cause he remembered wat it was like remember he onced said to sora"true we don't have hearts but we remember what it was like thats what makes us different and we know well not to injure a heart"forgive me if i got some parts wrong.
  11. X

    Funny 14th Org. Member theory. (not mine)

    I don't get it whats so funny.
  12. X

    Does Riku have...?

    riku doesn't have a nobody his heart was never gone.
  13. X

    Hidden Images

    just closed the thread when i entered this thread i thought there was a new secret image for me to see.BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. X

    New Keyblades

    I'm hoping for more cool and mature or even dark keyblades cause some of the keyblades in kh seems a little childish like sweet memories and I also hope for some thing that looks more like a key unlike the decisive pumpkin or bond of flame I mean they don't have the shape of a key.
  15. X

    Why does Castle Oblivion look so small?

    maybe it's magic that hides it's true shape like a barrier or something.
  16. X

    14TH Member

    dam it i'm confused who is the 14th member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grr........................
  17. X

    Olympus Coliseum trouble.

    yeah I totally agree with you.
  18. X

    14TH Member

    maybe aqua is the 14th member or maybe she isn't dunno but she couldn't have a nobody except that she is a nobody herself of course.
  19. X


    (yawn)pls close the thread cause is up already and yes it's riku I hate getting in to the details the 2nd time so bye
  20. X

    what FF characters in BBS?

    I think the one who have higher chances of appearing are cid,leon,yufa,yuna,riku,pain and eh..................... sorry i forgot some of their names and fogive me if i spelled their names wrong but I think sephiroth wouldn't appear.I hope that tidus would appear though oh yeah can anyone tell...