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    Help/Support ► Anger

    There are several things you can try, and it may take awhile to find the one that works for you. Here's a list of things that you can do: I find these methods usefull 1) Take a walk--getting some fresh air and taking a time out from everything might give you a chance to clear your head 2)...
  2. M

    which order?

    I played it in this order Kh,CoM,KH2.
  3. M

    Your favourite CoM Organization member?

    My favorite org. would be Zexion.
  4. M

    Mickey Summon?

    Fake not true end of discussion.
  5. M

    Your favorite nobody

    My favorite nobody would be the Dragoons.
  6. M

    Cant Get Pain and Panic Paradox cup trophy!!

    You need to Level up your Drives and Summons
  7. M

    Your favorite Heartless

    My favorite would be the Neo-Shadow.
  8. M

    Help, its kinda stupid but im paranoid.

    well if you wan't to see your batte report don`t turn off the console.
  9. M

    King Mickey can not be summouned!I am ending this!

    Everyone knows its a lie.
  10. M

    Have u ever bougth somehting KH2 related besides the game???

    I have one manga and soras necklace.
  11. M

    king mickey summon

    Its a lie obviously. 25252525
  12. M


    Final Form: Sleeping Lion and oathkeeper.
  13. M

    Ansem and Lexaeus card in Sora mode

    I got ansem and laxeaus cards.I dont think theres a Zexion card.
  14. M

    Glide Ability?

    Also you could train in Yen Sid's tower. Theres tons of nobodys.
  15. M

    Glide Ability?

    Final Form lvl 2 I think.
  16. M

    Fanfiction ► Twilight High

    Umm...you made 2 of these threads.
  17. M

    Hayner vs. Seifer

    I quess Hayner won 25252525
  18. M

    Which planet did you like the most?

    I liked halloween town 2525252525
  19. M

    atlantica, port royal which is next?

    I don't either lol 252525252525
  20. M

    Roxas Seven Days Novel

    It would be in japanese the nove but o well