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    kh final mix

    ok let me start out im sorry if this have been asked and im to lazy to look through threads ok.So deos anyone have kh final mix? man i want one winged angel and diemound dust keyblades almost forgot and sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  2. M

    advent children

    here are some english voices of the cast in advent chrildren and funny english dubs I found on youtube.com YOU wount know some of the characters or sences if you didn't wacht the japanese advent children. And sorry if this is in the wrong place. English dubs...
  3. M

    ultima weapon

    ok can you guys give me a list of where are all the orichalcum+s are i been looking through the internet trying to find where are all the orichlcums and all they say is you need to custruct it in moogle shop so can you guys help? thank you.
  4. M


    can anyone tell me tips on how to beat riku the 3rd or 4th time hes like f**k i hate that dark sword attack when he slashes down and evey time i get him to like 30 hp i run out of 3 keyblade cards can anyone tell me a better way to defeat him and give me tips on saving cards
  5. M


    I need help beating luxord.My time meter always runs out before his and it sucks that you turn into in a dice in the begging in the fight and i f**king suck at those card mini-games so can you guys give me tips ty.
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    homework blows fan club

    the homework blows fc for people who think homework blows...if you like homework go kill yourself! JOIN TODAY!