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    The Roleplaying Tavern - Stop by for a pint!

    Suup here for the Nostalgia Kick... What is interesting reading back from previous posts... I actually pursued a career of running LARP events and roleplay events because of KHinsider. Weirdly, I run my own rp discord server... but I do think back to my old forum days and went... man it's been...
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    uwu long time no see boo :D

    uwu long time no see boo :D
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    What's good folks! Back in action!

    Howdy folks! It's been ages! It's your old pal Brol/Dygado/Thekeyblademaker etc.etc.etc... or you may have known me through the KHinferno days also! anyway.... so pumped to see all this new kh3 stuff and I had to swing by my old stepping grounds to see folks and meet new fans alike! Hit me...
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    Brol is back?

    Well sorta. I came back with a Associates in Music which is great news... but as I return.. I wonder whose still around? any of the old Inferno buddies still kickin around here?
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    Archive error?

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/forumsk/public_html/archive/index.php on line 292 I'm trying to access it to save a roleplay thread me, Solareon and Sephiroth2 created a good while back called War for Power >_<
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    Help/Support ► Need help making a Podcast....

    Well here's the deal, Me and my friends are making a youtube series, Mario and Sonic: Dimensional Chaos.. And well We've been talking about making a podcast but we really don't have any idea how to do so... does anybody have any idea on how to help us start this off? -Character, Amigo Brol
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    Final Hour [Sign Ups & OOC Thread]

    [all credits to this picture goes to the creator I~gawa from Deviant art :]I~gawa's artwork Today is June 2nd, 2019 and instead of enjoying the fine summer with my friends as we all graduate from college, I'm here in Oxdicon bunker, just another being trying to survive. It was just a few years...
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    3 years of fun

    So yea it's been three years since i was here.... pretty cool pretty cool :D
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    Help/Support ► Saxophonin'

    I sorta disagree with this statement, sometimes even during the recording, the quality doesn't bring out the real sound of the instrument. As for starting with Clarinet, I've played clarinet for a while and it's a good instrument to start out with, but everyone's different. I remember my...
  10. B


    Why ruin the surprise? just let the game come over and we'll find out when it does...for now just sit back, play your Soul Silver/Heart Gold until then... besides who says the secret boss is different? it just means there's a secret boss included.....then again we got screwed over with KH2? no...
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    a Fairy Tail roleplay??

    Fairy tail is a very interesting manga/anime, rank 4 out of 20 in Onemanga.com and well... its pretty much using magic..hahaha some can use ice magic or summon [Celestial summon magic] or dark magic, or even Elemental Dragon magic like Fire, Iron, Poison, Thunder and Sky...
  12. B

    Vanitas' identity

    yea was not happy bout that one.... but whatever... right now it's Aqua's turn and i gotta go to work in a hour and a half... someone post up the pic... screen cap it and post... don't even hesitate... xD
  13. B


    now that you say this... it is really weird... technically he's been the villian for now 3 games... not including CoM.. unless referred to as Superior... but other than that yea... oh wait... 4 358/2 days too... seeing as he was the one scheming the whole time....
  14. B


    aw talk about split personalities...the poor guy is fighting with himself........they're the same xD
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    Birth by Sleep Boss Gameplay (Spoilers Alert)

    can someone give me a link to a Ven Live feed?? we got a few pics of Terra's new look in the other thread that popped up with pretty good screen caps... check it out!
  16. B


    *cries* nooo bad quality...
  17. B


    just awaing one little... question and i'll post up a few screencaps i got from a live feed for Terra's side :D
  18. B

    Vanitas' identity

    yea... i searched; ask.com google.com bing.com.... i can't find it... but it will show up soon enough!
  19. B

    petition for Final Mix to be released in USA

    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix North American Release Petition Petition ok ok so who knows if this is the real deal but hey why not sign for it right? please sign this... who knows maybe we might be able to get this game here! with enough sigs of course spread the word too!
  20. B

    18th bday woooo

    Dygado's 18th bday is today wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! spent the whole daying chilling with my pals and tonight working but next week i called off work to go to Atlantic City for a few days god i cnt wait!!!