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  1. Sunshine


    Terra, Aqua, and Ven have keychains now? I zoomed in on some pictures and saw their keyblades with keychains on them. How did they get them? -confused-
  2. Sunshine

    An exciting thought!

    You know how Roxas and Sora can dual wield keyblades? Since Roxas absorbed Xion then Sora absorbed Roxas and then they fight and Sora's able to steal his keyblades and he's the first character to weild three keybldes at once.. Now is that cause of all this absorbing? Just wanted to be sure.
  3. Sunshine

    What was he like?

    Question! What was Xehanort's personality before he turned into a heartless/nobody? Like how was he when he was ATW apprentice?
  4. Sunshine

    First Xehanort Theory ~_~

    I don't know if anyone made this one but here goes. ~_~ I'm thinking in the Birth By Sleep trailer while MX is floating toward Kingdom Hearts he like planned to make himself immortal or something and TAV did a final battle with him yadda yadda, and they couldn't completely destroy him and it...
  5. Sunshine

    What scenario will you play first?

    Just a question. I read in the interviews that while playing Aqua you'll easily know what Terra is gonna do next while playing as Ven you'll understand who Terra is and what he's trying to do. =p So just tell me your ideas.
  6. Sunshine

    Dark Soilder.... lolz

    I have an idea. Check out this quote:They speak of someone called Venom appearing in the KH:II Secret Movie. I was thinking Venom is the Dark Soilder that spawns out of M.X. What do you think???