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  1. Prophet

    [R3-B5] gene chaos vs. Nevermore

    Welcome to the Ancient Archives.... Here, the records of many ancient tales and battles are kept by the wardens. They guard the knowledge with their lives. Luckily, a we have managed to gain access to two records. Both of which depict a single battle. It is an eloquent record, but I have yet to...
  2. Prophet

    [R2-B1] ★ vs Ubi Ty

    We've decided to throw you two an interesting one. This battle will test tactics, strategy, and your own creativity. Have fun with this one guys, I want to see some smart moves unraveling. OPERATION: Double Team Arena - Alternate universe, New York City. Where else, eh? Everything that goes...
  3. Prophet

    [R1-B3] Chaosmax VS. Lord of Chaos

    The two Chaos warriors duking it out, eh? Standard KHI RP rules apply, no God-Modding, Power-Playing, reasonable amounts of swearing, explicitness, etc. Let's have a good rumble people. Arena: The Chaos Theatre - This is a massive amphitheater, designed as both a club and a concert hall. The...
  4. Prophet

    Shades of Blue : Artistic Renditions

    Artistic Profiles for the Shades of Blue RP. I've got loads of free time this winter break, so I intend to get through everyone. Only qualification you need to get a rendition done is post AT LEAST ONCE in the RP. Hopefully this will encourage people to post. These were done in a combination of...
  5. Prophet

    Flying away on a wing and a Prayer (Open)

    Believe it or not, it's just me. Open challenge to anybody who'd like to accept it. I am going to come back into the fray for a bit. This battle is open to whomever would like it, as many as are willing to post. Just post your template in your first post. Once I get at least one poster, we...
  6. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age

    This is fanfic in the style of the former television show, HEROES. Done with YOUR characters. Character list and sign up is here.. Let us begin. TABLE OF CONTENTS Episode I - OMEGA Episode II - Gray Eyes Episode III - Eye of the Beholder Episode IV - Feuds of Fate Episode V - Kings and Prophets...
  7. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► H E R O E S - A New Age (Sign Ups)

    The Story has Begun Heroes: A New Age Note: If you feel like your character could work well in the storyline, feel free to submit it to me. No promises though. Heroes. Once a television show about ordinary people developing extraordinary abilities. Now a fanfiction; using YOUR characters...
  8. Prophet

    Dear God... (Open Challenge)

    Candles flickered in the darkness, sending rippling shadows dancing along the stone walls. It was quiet, except for the dull crackle of burning incense. The tendrils of smoke seemed to drift along the air, like ghostly serpents weaving their way in and out of existence. The golden candles...
  9. Prophet

    Prophets of War... (Open Challenge)

    Open Challenge; part of the Prophecy of Humanity campaign. New Character; Power Character Battle. Standarad Rules; post a template and we shall begin. Name Ana V’rin Gender /\ Age /\ Appearance Ana’s sage-like beard is as white as snow. Those youthful blue eyes shine with the brilliant...
  10. Prophet

    A Prophet for the People

    Battle between Rainfire and I. A part of the Prophecy for Humanity campaign. I will post the templates in this thread ------------------------------------------------- It was quiet in New York City. Of course for the bustling city, this wasn't really saying much. The cars chugged along the...
  11. Prophet

    The Players - Prophecy for Humanity

    Table of Contents (In order of appearance) Section I F1. Marshall Tilt - Eventua F2. Arloque Uhlmes - Prophet F3. Artemidorus of the Word- Prophet Section II F4. Nurios Eskeleon- Rainfire Section I F1. F2. F3.
  12. Prophet

    A Herald for Humanity

    This is a battle between Eventua and myself. Eventua, no need to post your template; I already have it. Opening post here. Part of the Prophecy for Humanity campaign ------------------------------------------------------------- Let it be noted that this record is a continuation of the priority...
  13. Prophet

    A Prophecy for Humanity

    If you are hearing this... then it means you have been chosen... Things are about to happen... The dominoes have been set in place; it is only a matter of time before they fall. I know that it is my fault; I have let this madness go farther than I had ever meant. But it is too late for even me...
  14. Prophet

    Til Next Time

    I'll be leaving. Unsure of how long. Life needs priority right now. I will return one day. Projects I have started or am collaborating on will unfortunately be put on hold (Prophecy for Humanity will hopefully be continued upon my return. If anyone who is still active upon my return, you will...
  15. Prophet

    Web of Effect (Sign Ups for Prophecy for Humanity)

    Everything has an effect; every being has say in what happens in the future. As a war looms closer, it is only in hindsight that we see the building effect we all have on the future. Will you have a part in the ultimate fate of the Omniverse? Or will you sit idly by and let it pass? Rules 1) If...
  16. Prophet

    A Prophecy for Humanity

    One Immortal who seeks revenge, destroying all that prevents this end One Woman who seeks chaos, manipulating worlds with the smile of a friend One Machine who seeks truth, inscribing the war that's at hand One Man who seeks peace, racing to stop destruction of all lands One Omniverse that...
  17. Prophet

    All the better to END you with, my dear... (Open Challenge)

    Yet another new character; the third in the set. Time to test her out and flesh her out a bit more. Up to whoever wants it; post a template and I will do the opening. Arena: To be decided in my opening Type: Power Name Sukoshi Niiro Gender Female Age 16 Position Prophet Red Appearance...
  18. Prophet

    Heartless Invasion- Battle for New York City (Sign ups and OOC)

    Dear Private, Welcome to Unit KH3. We're glad to have you aboard. As you know, you have been transferred to this unit under dire need of circumstance. You would not have been recruited to this elite team had you not shown considerable performance in the field in Iraq. However, circumstances...
  19. Prophet

    Looky who? Prophet Blue (Open Challenge)

    Another new character; feel free to take her on. Name Guinevere “Gwen” Sapphire Age Seems 24 Gender Female Position Prophet Blue Appearance Ms. Sapphire is a woman of incredible beauty. Affixed with the mystic beauty of a sprite or a fairy, she bares skin of an incredibly haunting blue...
  20. Prophet

    Fanfiction ► Harry Potter and the Warring Stars (A Harry Potter / Star Wars Fanfic)

    PROLOGUE The stars were beautiful in the night sky above the Astronomy Tower. They twinkled majestically in the heavens, celestial pinpricks dancing across the blanket of darkness. Even the moon tonight was exceptionally bright, shining with all the robust glory of the Queen herself, glowing...