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  1. v4vendetta

    When Are You Going To Buy A PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    Waiting for both my financial situation to get better and for more games to come out for it. It seems silly for me to drop that much money in the middle of a devastating pandemic on something that may or may not be useful. Actually, my gf and I are planning on going halvsies for the Oculus...
  2. v4vendetta

    General ► What is your country and what are the pros and cons of living there

    Ohhh the US of A. The older I get the more I loathe my country, and that is largely because of all the lies and propaganda we are raised with to stay content. I just went ahead and paired them and color coded them for ease. Pros Our country is wealthy Our country is large Our country is...
  3. v4vendetta

    Anime/Manga ► Should I keep watching Haikyu?

    I've watched a good deal of sports anime, but not Haikyuu. I was a big fan of Kuroko, Yuri on Ice, and Free. It should also be noted that I HATE real life sports, I think they are boring and silly. What I will tell you about sports anime is that it tends to mirror slice of life anime. Whatever...
  4. v4vendetta

    Kairi's Journey

    I want this to be real so badly that my world is less happy because it doesn't exist. The worlds are PERFECT. Kairi in Camelot? Yes please. It's such a beautiful "first" world because it sets the tone of Kairi learning that she is worthy. "Kairi and Arthur would share an arc of sorts...
  5. v4vendetta

    KH Trio Personality Quiz (Tell me your results!)

    Thanks so much! Character analysis is my favorite part of any series so I try to put thought into each character. It helps that I adore Xion though haha And I think a lot of the difficulty in aiming for a specific character is due to how abstract the quiz is. I intentionally made it in a way...
  6. v4vendetta

    I will be I'm sure! I am running through every single game in chronological order rn just...

    I will be I'm sure! I am running through every single game in chronological order rn just trying to really understand the lore. I played some of KH1, most of 358/2, and most of KH2 as a kid, but video games were never my specialty back then so most of what I learned was from roleplaying with...
  7. v4vendetta

    KH Trio Personality Quiz (Tell me your results!)

    Everyone keeps mentioning characters and I'm like "aaaa I love them" and yet I'm sort of realizing I say that about every character. It's no less true, I would die for all of them. Here they are for Axel :D His Disney Movie His Flower His Grades His Song His Animal His High School Persona...
  8. v4vendetta

    Dearly Beloved, Dearly Departed - the KH voice actors who are no longer with us

    This made me so sad but it's also so amazing to think of how many lives have participated in this series. I mean these are people that were born in the 20's and 30's. These people lived through World War II and were old enough to remember it, they lived through the Great Depression. It's so...
  9. v4vendetta

    KH Trio Personality Quiz (Tell me your results!)

    I will spoiler tag each answer but I'll post which answers give you Xion, in case you want to know haha! As well as my reasoning for each one. A lot of my shyer friends got her. Her Disney movie Her Flower Her Grades Her Song Her Animal Her High School Persona Her Ride Her Vice Her...
  10. v4vendetta

    Thank you so much for that link! :D That'll be super helpful for me. I'm really glad it is more...

    Thank you so much for that link! :D That'll be super helpful for me. I'm really glad it is more active than I've thought! It's hard to properly assess because IRL most of my friends played a few KH games as a kid and then just sort of dropped it so I'm buzzing with things to talk about.
  11. v4vendetta

    KH Trio Personality Quiz (Tell me your results!)

    Yeah! The flowers was more of a fun visualization thing. :0 you should totally hit up space mountain next time you get the chance to go- that ride is so fun. And my taste in music is a bit obscure haha. I recommend looking up the lyrics to them and seeing if any of the lyrics resonate! That's...
  12. v4vendetta


    That sounds super ambitious! I've always wanted to use RPGMaker but I can never fork over the price for it. I can draw a little bit but I've never done pixel art or anything. If you need an artist for comms or smth lemme know!
  13. v4vendetta

    I am! Everyone on here seems super nice and it's really cool having a place to talk about what...

    I am! Everyone on here seems super nice and it's really cool having a place to talk about what is otherwise a relatively dead fandom OTL I'm not caught up in Union X yet but I'm excited to learn more :0
  14. v4vendetta

    KH Trio Personality Quiz (Tell me your results!)

    :0 WOAH I think you are the first Terra I've seen so far! I love Terra so much - ajklfg;agf Thank you so much for your kind words ;w; I'm glad you enjoyed it. Haha, that makes a lot of sense doesn't it? Ventus and Sora aren't that far apart! Thank you so much ;w; <3 It's kind of funny to me...
  15. v4vendetta

    DISNEY Villains/Worlds Returning

    She's only played KH2 but she has watched a couple lets plays. She's pretty removed from some of the more complex aspects of the lore like the Ventus/Vanitas situation, as well as any of the Union X lore or Xehanort time shenanigans. It'll be fun though and she's super smart so she'll take to...
  16. v4vendetta

    DISNEY Villains/Worlds Returning

    Honestly I barely survive half the time. I don't know if you guys have seen Brian David Gilbert's video "Understanding Kingdom Hearts (and every other story)" but that is basically me. Mostly that^ it's some heavy copium when you are trying to make sense of Kingdom Hearts. You take all the...
  17. v4vendetta

    KH Trio Personality Quiz (Tell me your results!)

    Haha, when writing the description for Ven I may have been a bit biased. He's just such a sweetheart. I figured that a lot of the more INFP/Mediator/creative types might get him due to his light-hearted nature and his innocent worldview, so I geared the description more towards that. When...
  18. v4vendetta

    DISNEY Villains/Worlds Returning

    I mean, I care if there's no explanation. One of the things I love most about Kingdom Hearts is its stupid convoluted lore. I am the type of person that will get a cork-board and map it out. I just know that if some villain came back from the dead with literally no explanation I would just...
  19. v4vendetta


    OO a project? Please do inform us on what it is! I'm eager to support your creative endeavors.
  20. v4vendetta

    How would you feel about a game that was completely detached from the rest of the series?

    I think it would be great! But not right now. There are a lot of wrinkles and unanswered questions in the universe as it is. The lore is honestly really complex and convoluted and rarely ever consistent. I personally would like them to finish the story that they have going before starting...