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  1. Zeagal

    Another Hiatus yadayadayada

    Yup not that many of you actually care....I'm going on another hiatus, and I don't know when I will be back if ever. I haven't been active lately but I decided it was best to make it official. So yeah. College is keeping me busy and I just don't have enough time to visit as much as I like and to...
  2. Zeagal

    Is there even a place to bitch about stuff here?!

    Like seriously don't you think there should be/was something like that here?
  3. Zeagal

    Who does the voice work for this certain character in the English version?

    I don't care if it's been talked about somewhere else, probably has, but Kairi and Xion.... Each place I look seems to have different VA's listed for their cameos. Does anyone know for sure who does the voices for these characters in BBS?
  4. Zeagal

    I'm Baaaaaaaack! (kinda)

    Hello there. Hopefully you all didn't forget about me these past few months. Just thought I'd post in here seeing as how everything's different. Kinda lost to be honest, but I'm sure it's basically the same thing. Well anyways, the kinda is because I won't be on as much as I was...maybe every...
  5. Zeagal

    Taking a break guys...

    Yes, I'm leaving KHI for now and will be here occasionally over Spring Break which is the week after next. Other than that I'm done until June. I need to really focus now on scholarship applications and keeping my grades up. Have fun without me, I'll miss you all...well a good number of you. To...
  6. Zeagal

    Life in Maple Park: "A Tale of Two Natalies"

    Hi there. This specific story is something quite different than other stuff I've written and right now it's in its most basic stage. I am posting it here mainly to get a feel for how people deal with the basic premise. I also have a question I would like answered regarding the POV that I will...
  7. Zeagal

    Help/Support ► Bad Forehead Acne

    YEAH SO WHAT?! I do have bad forehead acne. I do try to get rid of it, but a lot of stuff doesn't work. Does anybody have some random suggestions on what to do besides try harder?
  8. Zeagal

    Zeagal's Art Club Stuff

    I'm just posting what I made in Art Club today. I'll also be posting new stuff from Art Club as I make it providing the size of it is appropriate for my scanner. All projects will have taken no more than one hour. This one's pretty much life size and is a watercolor I did on super absorbent...
  9. Zeagal

    Hey Look at this Lindsay!

    Okay...so this is a picture I drew of one of my characters named Lindsay. She's from Shattered Skies (link in my sig). I drew it today, and I lurve it! Except my scanner got a hold of it...the original has a bit more of her head and there's about a half an inch on the bottom. What do you think...
  10. Zeagal

    Fanfiction ► The 'Get Real Kairi' Expansion

    This is an expansion arc to my first fanfiction piece ever titled 'Get Real Kairi' which can be found here. http://forums.khinsider.com/fanfiction/136801-get-real-kairi-my-first-fanfic.html I am posting this expansion in a new thread because it is in escence a separate storyline. All future...
  11. Zeagal

    It's Danica Syer's BIRTHDAY!!!

    Danica Syer(Candy) is celebrating her 20th birthday today and no one has made her a thread yet. :c My dearest online twin sister needs a place to celebrate. Happy Birthday Candy!!! Here's your cake.
  12. Zeagal

    Chamber of Repose/Waking Theory

    First off this theory may seem somewhat baseless but almost all of it comes from things I inferred from the Room of Sleep cutscene and the BBS Jump Festa trailer, both of which can be found below. YouTube - KH2 Final Mix + TWTNW Zexion And Xigbar (Subbed) <-KH2 FM scene YouTube - Jump Festa 2010...
  13. Zeagal

    (o.o) Fanclub For The TAV Trio (o.o)

    ~Welcome to the TAV Fanclub~ A Fanclub for the potentially tragic trio of BBS protagonists Terra, Aqua, and Ven. (Better picture to come...maybe) Terra: The Reckless One->http://forums.khinsider.com/fanclubs...a-fanclub.html Aqua: The Glue->...
  14. Zeagal

    Unfinished nonsense

    Yeah I know it's not done and the scanner made a bunch of marks and resizing the picture distorted somethings and I need to trace it over to new paper, but I decided to post it anyways. Don't be too harsh. XD
  15. Zeagal

    Nothing is impossible because I have God with me...*facepalm*

    Yes..."Nothing is impossible because I have God with me." Something my very Christian friend said. Now I know she said this in good humor, but she said it in a way that came across as if she could go out and do anything and be just fine because she 'has god,' and that really bugged me not even...
  16. Zeagal

    Fanfiction ► Get Real Kairi-My first Fanfic

    So like I said this is my first fanfic and it is about Kairi. One night I couldn't sleep and this idea kinda attacked me so I finally typed it up today. I hope you like it as much as I do. ---------- “Kairi, what do you want in life?” “Kairi, who do you love?” “Kairi, who do you think you...
  17. Zeagal

    Interesting Thought....Opposite of Unversed.

    Okay, here are two important quotes from the (Rough!) translation of new Famitsu interview thread with explanation and final conclusion below. Sorry if this has already been thought of, but it really stuck out for me and I wanted to share. This one isn't that important, but the situation needs...
  18. Zeagal

    Help/Support ► Looking for Colleges with both Game Design/Animation and Creative Writing

    First sorry if this is the wrong section.... The title is pretty much my problem here. I'm having a bit of trouble finding schools with both majors. I had been planning to major in Game Design/Animation in order to become a character designer, but I also would like to write possibly novels...
  19. Zeagal

    MX not MX?

    So you've all heard the idea that MX is a replica of MTAV's master that got out of control and got away, and now MTAV wants it back, killed, whatever...so he sent his three apprentices to chase him down. Now here's where my idea comes in. Of course I will naturally make it complicated and...
  20. Zeagal

    Help/Support ► Class Schedule Dilemma

    Basically, I don't know whether to take AP Literature and Composition which I had previously signed up for or take two one semester classes, American Literature and World Literature. Man why does this seem so hard to explain...it sounds so ridiculous the way I just put it. You see most...