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  1. Zetsumei

    Can Aqua as of now be able to Access Her Anti-Form freely like Sora?

    I would posit that xemnas still exists inside of Terras heart, much the same way the Roxas existed inside of Soras heart before being given his own vessel.
  2. Zetsumei

    Can Aqua as of now be able to Access Her Anti-Form freely like Sora?

    I think it was Ansem's attack that definitely caused her transformation. Before striking her with the attack Ansem says "I can't leave you with nothing" implying that he is giving her something (the anti form). Also as she is sinking you can see her body being enveloped in darkness expanding...
  3. Zetsumei

    Gameplay types you want to see

    For me personally, its not really a new mode we haven't seen, but rather a mode I want to see return and improved upon is the online pvp arena from BBS. I would love this mode to be available in a main numbered title and be able to set up our own combos and see how you do against an actual...
  4. Zetsumei

    Gameplay types you want to see

    With the reveal of Melody of Memory bringing the rhythm game genre of game play to Kingdom Hearts, a lot of people having started talking about other gameplay modes they'd like to see for a future Kingdom Hearts game. Few examples I've seen around the web include things like a first person...
  5. Zetsumei

    Something that bothered me during the chess game

    I was just thinking this exact thing. After all the Dark Road name reveals, Xehanort's name seems really out of place. The anagram with an X added has always been really suspicious because that is typically a thing reserved for nobodies. I suppose its possible that the Xehanort we know is...
  6. Zetsumei

    Thoughts on Strelitzia. (Theory)

    In KH3, the concept of "souls" was briefly touched on during Roxas and Xion's Keyblade Graveyard scenes. When Xemnas is about to finish off Axel, Xion stops him and says "We need him alive, you know that." to which Xemnas replies "We need only his heart to forge the key. We do not need his...
  7. Zetsumei

    Theory: Lauriam is from the future

    Wanted to add a little side note, and so I've updated the OP. :)
  8. Zetsumei

    FF7R Possible Tie in to Kingdom Hearts

    If there is a crossover at all it will probably take the form of a datascape or a dreamworld. My best theory atm is that FF worlds with respect to KH are all video games like Verum Rex, which in KH terms would make them datascapes similar to the Tron world. I think this is why Yozora was...
  9. Zetsumei

    Theory: Lauriam is from the future

    Brain has read the book already, probably in its entirety. From the very first time they meet up in the tower, Brain picks up the book on the Master's table and starts reading it immediately. You can see this is the BoP as it is blue not green like the rulebooks and has the Master's insignia...
  10. Zetsumei

    What's the difference between Kingdom Hearts X [Chi], Unchained X, & Union X [Cross]?

    My understanding is X[chi] is the original events leading up to the keyblade war. Unchained X is a training mission that takes place in a dream world. And Union X is the events after the keyblade war (takes place in a data world)
  11. Zetsumei

    Theory: Lauriam is from the future

    As this months main story update is fast approaching, and more Lauriam reveals seem to be on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to get this theory out there that I've had in my head for awhile now. So the theory is that the Lauriam that we have come to know in Union Cross is...
  12. Zetsumei

    KHinsider Unofficial Translations Request

    First of all let me take this chance to express my appreciation for the translations and uploads of the youtube videos on KHinsider's channel. Without these, we would have to wait many months to receive the most recent updates released in Japan. The youtube channel also serves as an excellent...
  13. Zetsumei

    main story preview

    He was knocked unconscious in the last update. So most likely he's sleeping and this is a dream world. We know that the realms of sleep and death touch, so its likely that Strelitizia could make an appearance here. Although my conspiratorial mind wishes that ...
  14. Zetsumei

    Power of Waking, Secret Episode observation

    Speaking of secret episode observations ... I was gonna make a new topic. But I think I'll just leave this here ...
  15. Zetsumei

    Will Xion's black hair related to Skuld?

    She had black hair in days, but her hair color was changed to a dark brown to more closely match Sora's hair color I believe. Since she was originally made to copy Sora's ability to use the keyblade. I dont see any reason why she would have a connection to Skuld, other than maybe she picked up...
  16. Zetsumei

    Strelitzia's Murder Mystery: SOLVED

    I mentioned this in another post somewhere, but I hypothesized that the foretellers were actually summoned from a separate worldline. From secret report 11: Luxu suggests that whatever method was used to allow the Dandelions to escape to the new worldline required the skill of a "Master"...
  17. Zetsumei

    Strelitzia's Murder Mystery: SOLVED

    What you're suggesting is that once a heart moves forward in time, it ceases to exist at any point prior to moving forward in time as well. If this were the case, then it would be impossible for all the versions of Xehanort to have been present during KH3. If this were the case, then the moment...
  18. Zetsumei

    Strelitzia's Murder Mystery: SOLVED

    Here's the entirety of Gula's dialogue at the keyblade graveyard battle: Hey, it's you. You don't look so good. Are you ok ? All right. Here we go. You're on a battlefield, you gotta fight. You're a lot tougher than I thought! Lucky for you, I'm not in the mood for a real fight. Maybe I'll see...
  19. Zetsumei

    No more seperation please.

    Somewhat off topic, but if kingdom hearts adopted ff7:remakes party system of allowing you to free switch party members on the fly, then I would love nothing more than to cruise around the world with SRK just wreaking havoc all day :) Do it Nomura! :D Hell even being able to swap to donald and...
  20. Zetsumei

    Who is Yozora???

    Yeah there's a theory going around that Verum Rex could potentially link with game central station in Ux, and the Ux player ends up getting stuck there.