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    OOUU! You said a “bad word”

    Howdy folks, I believe a discussion about profanity is needed. Now because of the set rules set by the good people here at KHI, we need to set some rules so this doesn’t get deleted and me banned. [#1]No cursing, swearing, or using and word our modern society deems “profane” Yeah, just one, I...
  2. N

    Ed VS. Jing

    the tittle says it all we got Ed from "Full Metal Alchemist" and we got Jing from "King of Bandits Jing" now who would win in an all out bloody fight to the death? now i think that Ed would win due to the fact he knows Alchemy, but Jings no punk and wont do out easy.... so what do u think?
  3. N

    Why do atheist celebrate Christmas?

    I never understood why a doubter would embrace and honor the birth of Christ? WTF! This kinda makes me mad…. “Kinda”…. But I think that the reason that this has happened is because the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus B-day) has been lost in most of the world. Now I think that all atheist should...
  4. N

    Riku's Replica theroy

    RR dies in COM... we all know that... but he had a heart right a replicas of Rikus... but do u think he has a nobody shell form? and i if so do u think it will hold an importance in the game? just a thought.... so wut yall think?
  5. N

    who is the hottest chick in kh?

    i dont know f this post has been posted before so plz dont get mad and flame me and then close my post, but who do yall think is the hottest chick in the kh series me i think its Aerith!
  6. N

    y isn't Riku on the cover!?

    i was thinking about y Riku isnt on the cover of KH2... and then this idea came to mind... is it because his role is less important, or dose he die or somehing? i was just thing so plz dont fire off on me cuz its just a thouht. so wut do yallz think?
  7. N

    i think i got it [BHK throey]

    ok no cheak this i think that BHK is a "non-existent one." becaues in Ansems Report #13 he explains the creation of the non-existint ones. "When the heart casts off the flesh, where does the body go? Heart and soul are separate, and the spirit remains in the body. But can we assume that the...
  8. N

    hello...........i need a freind

    hello every one:D , im kida knew.... see i made an account to post and comment pictures, but know a whole new door has opened for me..."the forms" so i really need some buds.... will u be my freind?:confused: -[nitro]