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    Best commands?

    Triple Pursuit and Judgment Triad are definitely my favorite. Stack two Judgment Triads in one deck, and boss fights only last a few seconds. It's absurdly strong. You just have to get used to its timing and aiming techniques. Triple Pursuit and Exo Spark make very short work of those "block...
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    Tales Of The Eliminator

    I struggled with the Eliminator at first. It was particularly frustrating when he would show during timed challenges and somehow manage to hit me. Now I kill him every time I see him. With the Round Block ability, just keep blocking until he uses his Shield Bite move, roll around, and hit him...
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    Ice Cream Beat Help, Pwease!?

    Actually, if you just want the 100% on the Trinity Archives, then you only need to do it with one character. I just checked on my game and I'm at 97% for the mini-games, but I never touched the Ice Cream Beat game on Terra or Aqua. EDIT: If you want 100% on your REPORTS to, for instance, unlock...
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    Birth By Sleep - Meaning of Title

    What the hell is wrong with you?
  5. 3

    358/2 Days OST

    Agreed. That's definitely one of the best. I've got that song but it has horrible sound quality... like someone recorded it while they were playing the game.
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    http://forums.khinsider.com/358-2-days/137262-dustflier-help.html This isn't really a spoiler. The fight will take long time, no doubt about it. You'll be able to get one combo off before gliding away from his next attack. I stacked crit % and bonus, but that's just personal preference I guess.
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    bbs theme song

    Pfftt, people don't read other replies on this forum.
  8. 3

    bbs theme song

    I don't think there will be a new theme song. CoM and Days didn't have new songs, and BBS is technically a side game too.
  9. 3

    How can Terra be Xehanort?

    ... That's not a pun. That's just a bad joke.
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    The "I'm not importing BbS and will avoid spoilers" Support Group

    Honestly, it had been so long since the release of KH2 that I'd pretty much gotten over Kingdom Hearts by the time Days came out, so I didn't know anything about the game other than it was about Roxas' past. I found out the release date a few days before it came out and just happened to get it...
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    Dustflier help

    Learn his attack pattern. You should constantly be gliding to avoid the shockwave and his attacks, then air slide back to him to get off one complete combo. Air slide + glide away until his attack is over, rinse, and repeat. Just takes a lot of time. What's really frustrating is if you...
  12. 3

    (Re:CoM) Best sleights?

    Ah well, I just went ahead and beat the game. This was my second time playing, first time with the PS2 version, and I gotta say that Marluxia was a bit of a let down. Maybe it was just because my deck was getting more and more superior, but for a final boss, he certainly wasn't the hardest.
  13. 3

    (Re:CoM) Best sleights?

    Firaga Burst, yeah it's not bad but it's pretty inconsistent with who it hits. And it's not very effective against the Castle Oblivion heartless. I still use Lethal Flame. Right now it seems like Mega Flare and Trinity Limit are the only sure-fire way of mass destruction.
  14. 3

    (Re:CoM) Best sleights?

    I'm on the final floor of Castle Oblivion now. I haven't had any problems so far, and don't expect to have any problems with Marluxia, but I'd like to level up a bit more. In your opinion, what's your favorite sleight for mass killing? Tornado has proven to be pretty effective at rounding...
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    The ice cubes. The first time you see them, the really large group of the small ice cubes, totally caught me off guard. The flying guys in Wonderland that teleport when you hit them, negating the attack.
  16. 3

    Confusing Ending

    I don't see what's so hard to understand about the purpose of this game. It's kind of like CoM, taking place between KH1 and KH2, but from the side of the Organization members. It's here to give character progression on the XIII, and most notably Roxas. Weren't you at all curious about Roxas'...
  17. 3

    Why does Ansem possess Riku's body?

    So I'm going through and playing all the games in the series again since it's been so long when I thought about something I never really considered. Why does Ansem possess Riku's body in Hollow Bastion? Does it have to do with the fact that Ansem wears a robe and is translucent until this point...
  18. 3

    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    Was it? I thought you just needed the materials to synthesize, not munny. Either way, munny was a useless part of the game and should have been merged with heart points or removed all together.
  19. 3

    King Mickey isn't in the shop

    You don't have to complete every mission 100%, but you do have to at least complete every mission. It's more than just beating the game. Go back through your Holo-missions and search for any mission that doesn't say "DONE" next to it, I guarantee you're missing at least one. Once that's done...
  20. 3

    (MASSIVE SPOILERS!) When Xigbar sees Xion...

    Yeah Igshar is quoting the secret reports after you beat the game. Xion has a different appearance to each person. So it's not that Ven is connected to Xion, but that Ven is connected to Xigbar. She probably resembles a lot of the qualities that Xigbar remembers of Ven.