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    Kh2FM coming to AMerican shores?

    one, im gonna reserve it the day its comfirmed, and teo, if they release that here, the should also release KH1 final mix....i want 2 read the subtitles for extra scenes in english 2
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    Kh 3 Info!!!!

    at this site: IGN: Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts Sequel
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    ya it final mix + anf Re: CoM...but im also ordering final mix for KH1.....if u want 2 play it on a US PS2 just ask
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    im getting all the final mix versions...along with an ultimania book describing the three games in one...but its in japanese.....anyone know how i can translate it or kno an easy way for me 2 learn japanese?
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    Any word on a release date

    actually it may never come out here....but u can buy the japaneses version and play it like i am
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    who are the three knights?

    ES isnt xehanort.......he said he hated xehanort
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    Help/Support ► Friend problems

    who cares? move on with life! the past is past, put it behind u.....live for today
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    Help/Support ► You People may Not care.

    ya i wish you the best of luck
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    anyone kno a rly easy way to translate the final mix games? im getting I, II, and RE: CoM sent 2 me thru mail right now, so i was wondering if anyone can help me translate the content somehow so i can play to the fullest extent
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    Help/Support ► Alright...Here we go....*deep breath* HHHHHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!

    chanes are this JT guy isnt going 2 be really immature about it since u 2 are in high school....i mean rly if he goes crazy because of that you obviously shouldnt be liking him and go for a matured guy...especially at that age
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    about limit form

    im getting the game shipped 2 me right now...so for future reference how do u unlock limit form
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    who are the three knights?

    i doubt its sora riku and kairi.....mickey was watching from afar....dont u think hed rush 2 help if it were them? i mean rly it has 2 be a new set of characters...also by ansem ur talking about the real ansem or xehanort's heartless?
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    can anyone help me with....

    k well i bought kh final mix and kh2 final mix from this site...but how can i translate the subtitles? i kno the original us story for all three: 1; CoM; and II but i want 2 kno ALL the dtails? also i bought an ultimania book covering the entire series so far but its in japanese too....anyone...