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  1. billyzanesucks

    Since 3D was supposed to teach Sora and Riku to fight 'the right way'...

    I wonder how they'll justify returning to the Command Menu in this game. I can't imagine that they'd simply ignore the Command Deck completely. My guess is that several of the commands will be brought back in a different way.Thoughts?
  2. billyzanesucks

    Hopes/worries about combat

    I've seen many threads on KHI and GameFAQs prior to KHIII's announcement debating over whether the new title should adopt the Command Deck put in place by BBS, 3D and Re:coded, or return to the Command Menu of the previous numbered titles and Days. Some argued that the Command Deck allows for...
  3. billyzanesucks

    Do you think the next game will be KHIII?

    This isn't about whether you want the next game to be KHIII, nor is it about whether KHIII will be next chronologically. EDIT: This does not include spin-offs or rereleases. I think Kingdom Hearts III will be next. Eight books appeared in 3D's opening, and we have seven games as of now, but...
  4. billyzanesucks

    Was any sort of explanation given for...

    the other Riku in a black coat shown in the trailer?
  5. billyzanesucks

    Can Flick Rush be played solo?

    There are cups and even a keyblade for getting them all, so I would assume. Also, I want to know exactly how the game works.
  6. billyzanesucks

    The Incarnate of Master Xehanort's Body

    I'm sure that many members must have guessed this already, but I think that one of the Master Xehanorts (MX and the MF) is the incarnate of the old Master Xehanort's discarded body. It may not have had the right circumstances to form a Nobody, but being left in such a state could qualify it for...
  7. billyzanesucks

    Looking for an Interview

    . . . that says Days was a spinoff. Now, I know this is unikely, but suffice it to say I'm in an argument in which someone said Nomura initially called Days a spinoff. Please give me an idea of where this was said, suggested or mistaken. By the way, they say it was from an interview near the...
  8. billyzanesucks

    KH3D Battle System

    So, from what we've seen with the 3D impressions, let's discuss the direction of this interesting new gameplay. For those who don't know, the battle system is pretty much the same as that of Re:Coded. But Y can also be used to activate a new addition: Dual Links. One thing you can do is use...
  9. billyzanesucks

    3DS Extention

    In case you haven't noticed, you should try looking up 'new 3ds extention leaked' (this is new, by the way). It's not any better than it sounds. There's an actual picture, among other things. I can't provide a link because I'm using my 3DS to post this lol.
  10. billyzanesucks

    KH3D Controls

    I don't know if everyone else noticed, but. . . As you can tell from the screenshot, the supposed control to activate a command is B. I know this isn't the final thing, and they may not have had the controls worked out at the time, but I'm still worried. This means using X or Y to jump, which I...
  11. billyzanesucks

    Namine confusion

    So, I've been looking around a little recently, but I still haven't found any official confirmation on exactly what she is made of, despite finding several statements that she is either made of Sora's body and soul and Kairi's heart or simply born out of the interaction between them and is truly...
  12. billyzanesucks

    Likelihood of Saix being the Mysterious Figure

    As many of you may know, the MF uses Saix's model. A lot of people said it's just a placeholder and waved it off. I just recently realized that it wouldn't make sense for the MF to be another character we've already seen, because it would be just as easy to put in their model as Saix's, and I...
  13. billyzanesucks

    BBS Final Mix proposition

    Since Final Mix games aren't released outside of Japan, but still heavily requested, do you think releasing the final mix add-ons as DLC in areas outside of Japan? It would be perfectly possible and cost worthy.