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  1. palizinhas

    Theory: A new Mobile Game is in the works

    My biggest fear is them making panels gacha
  2. palizinhas

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    And Roxas. They're all in a big Replica pile together now.
  3. palizinhas

    KH Trio Personality Quiz (Tell me your results!)

    What's the Axel ones? I'm curious why I got him (though I thought the description was spot-on. I do use humor to cope).
  4. palizinhas

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Young Xehanort looks at a card of himself, sees it's Reversed, and goes 'huh, maybe I'm destined to become a villain'. Vague Young Xehanort time travel memories? No, Xehanort was just following the will of the cards.
  5. palizinhas

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    Namixi and Xehaqus are two of my favorite ships so I was definitely calling myself out there. I knew I had to put a "You're heterosexual" joke there. I wasn't sure if Larxel or Demyx/Larxene was better, but I don't actually know if people ship the latter, so.
  6. palizinhas

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    I think Marluxia/Larxene can be fun in a partners in crime way, but I can't say I was into kh3 basically going "everything Larxene did was to be with him". Doesn't help that khux didn't really do anything with her either.
  7. palizinhas

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    I feel like if they do what I thought MoM was setting up - a post-MoM Mickey adventure throughtout the worlds, possibly with Donald and Goofy with him - they could continue the story but be about recognizable enough characters that people who don't know Kingdom Hearts would tune in just for the...
  8. palizinhas

    Top 10 Worst Characters

    I don't think there are ten characters I dislike. I find half the organization boring, I guess, but not "wish they'd stop showing up" levels. I do hope we're done with Xehanort outside of Dark Road, though. So my list, of characters I would be happy not seeing again rather than characters I...
  9. palizinhas

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    In all fairness, if two characters exist, someone has probably shipped them together. But I think the only Org members that are shipped as little as Xaldin are Lexaeus and Luxord. Though I'm sure Luxord will be more frequently shipped when we see him interact with the Verum Rex guys.
  10. palizinhas

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    I posted this on tumblr but I thought it was funny and this topic is dead so you guys get to see it too (I took out two to keep within the rules of the topic, but you really aren't missing anything and you've seen the videos they're both super easy to guess anyway) What Your Favorite KH Ship...
  11. palizinhas

    Dark Road ► is there any better way to level up?

    You can buy golden keys in the shop - it takes 280k BP to buy three, and if you manage to get just one golden mushroom you make almost twice as much. While there are unlucky days, it's generally worth it to buy them every day instead of not. That can take you to a few levels further pretty...
  12. palizinhas

    Cartoon/TV ► WandaVision

    Wandavision is the first time I ever see either Wanda or Vision (american comics rarely come out in my country and I haven't seen a lot of MCU movies), but it's a lot of fun. Will keep watching it.
  13. palizinhas

    Could Quadratum Pave The Way For Marvel And Star Wars In Future Games?

    Do the unexpected and base it around Phineas and Ferb Star Wars.
  14. palizinhas

    About Kairi’s future role in the series

    I feel like a huge part of the problem is that they journey alone, though. Terra, Riku and Aqua in particular have the problem that they make these weird monologues aloud that are boring exposition with no levity. Kairi doesn't really have a fit personality within Disney worlds the way they do...
  15. palizinhas

    Who do you think Demyx is?

    Even is apparently normal now, so I guess either they found a way to turn him back or the other apprentices straight up murdered him. They probably did the same to Demyx, since he was hanging around.
  16. palizinhas

    Would you prefer if Union X wasn’t connected to the story?

    My issue with the whole chi saga is less being important to the story and more how it's important. I thought the Xigbar = Luxu plot twist was well done, and I enjoy the idea of the Foretellers being around in the present, plus the Light from the Past section of KH3 was cool. But I think that's...
  17. palizinhas

    How would you rank the Kingdom Hearts games?( Favourite - least favourite)

    Out of only the games I've played (I haven't played any since DDD outside of khux): 1. KH2FM. I fully admit my enjoyment of this game comes solely from it being massively fun to play, because the actual plot is a mess. 2. Days. I have very fond memories of playing it as a teen, and I love the...
  18. palizinhas

    What are some things that you wish weren’t in the games?

    Honestly they should have done the same as Remind Sora when he helps Roxas, have Kairi be the one there, but with a ghostly Sora showing up behind her. They even have the same freaking battle stance too.