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  1. Royale

    i got love in my tummy

    hello :]
  2. Royale

    Eminem - Recovery

    It's out on the 22nd, but I know most already downloaded it. To be honest, this sht is sick. Shady's back yo :D
  3. Royale


    hi kids so how about them lakers?
  4. Royale

    MTV VMA's

    Russell Brand made me lol what you guys think?
  5. Royale

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    I seriously cannot wait for this game. I'm a big fan of the Aliens franchise, so I'm hoping for this to be really good, more on the online multiplayer, though. :3 I just wish my PC will be able to handle it xD Aliens: Colonial Marines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anyone else excited? :>
  6. Royale

    Prison Break Season 4

    Starts tonight. Anyone watching it?
  7. Royale


    asl ? D:
  8. Royale

    hi ppl

    im back okay now imma go post byeeee
  9. Royale

    lolol, Happy Birthday, brainy!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Neko-chan! Yes, our dear brainy_pigeon has turned 14 today.Everyone please make sure to wish her a happy birthday, or else.( Can't think of anything ''evil'' to say. xD) Anyways, I really hope you have a wonderful day today and make sure to bug your parents until you get that...
  10. Royale

    The Alchemist

    Did anyone by any chance read this book by Paulo Coelho?
  11. Royale

    Likes/Dislikes about Parents

    Simply post what you like/dislike about your parents. I personaly,find it annoying when I tell my dad about some problems I have in school.And he ALWAYS responds by saying this "Well,when I was your age.." I hate that so much.I have to wait for him to finish telling me his story.That's why I...
  12. Royale

    The Armony^ Fan Club

    This is a Fan Club for my deary,Armony! =) She deserves this fan club for being such a cool person.And a really good Role Player. <33 And also,you must worship her at all times. So,come in and join.And help us defeat the Jutsu Man!
  13. Royale

    Gaara Fan Club

    This is a Fan Club dedicated to Gaara.( The character) I didn't see one so I wondered why no one made a Fan Club for this awsome ninja. Everyone that loves Gaara is allowed to join this Fan Club. Please,NO HATERS. ^ That's all for now,Enjoy! XD
  14. Royale


    Who misses Aeroga?I sure do.It use to help alot when I was in a tight spot. It sucks that is not in KH2.
  15. Royale

    Sora 14?

    It says that Sora's 14,Kairi's 14,and Riku's 15.I swear,Sora and Kairi act like they're 12 in KH1.Anyone seen the cutscenes?They seem to little.Riku on the other hand seems like he's 14.He's alright.Anyone else thought that Sora and Kairi acted like 12?
  16. Royale

    Gears of War.

    Anyone heard of this game?Well by the trailer i think this game is going to be awsome for Xbox 360.I myself i will buy this game.Did anyone else like the looks of this game?
  17. Royale

    PC games.

    I was wondering if any of you play them.I play a few like,WoW,BF2,AVP2. If ya do just post them here.
  18. Royale

    Destiny Awaits.

    They say that there's a key,one special key that many have tried to claim but, have died in trying to do so.The Keyblade holds phenomenal power like no one has ever imagined.The legend says that its wielder saved the world.While another says that he brought chaos and ruin upon it.Now 8 brave...
  19. Royale

    Rate the persons real pic.

    Hope you have fun .
  20. Royale


    Hey,I'm new here.It's a nice forum so i guess i'll have a good time here and get to know some of you.Well that's about it.