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    BBS NA Secret Boss Theory [and possibly a whole new outlook to BBS's Secret Ending]

    Alright, well many of you dont know me, in fact I think none of you know me, but you can just call me Vanitas and I think that I have a pretty reasonable theory in my head. Now as we all know, the NA Secret Boss wears a black coat extremely similar to the Organization XIII coat. He has blue...
  2. V

    When Exactly did the Apprentices turn into Nobodies??

    Well, I have a new theory, again with some evidence to back it up, so here I go. In the scene in KH2 where Xehanort was confronting Ansem the Wise, we see Mickey at the beginning. Now, in that cutscene, Mickey is wearing his most recent outfit from KH2, coded etc. However, in Birth By Sleep...
  3. V

    Braig Scar Theory

    Hello everyone. First off, I'd like to say Im new to khinsider (well not really, Ive just been to lazy to make an account, but then I saw I had already made an account 2 months ago). Now, we all know how in the new trailer, it shows Braig with the eyepatch and scar. Now, most people think...