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  1. CaptainKchuckles

    Question about Sora's Mother

    I was browsing around the internet when i came across a link that tries to explain what happens with Sora's mother. Where are Sora Kairi and Riku's parents in Kingdom Hearts The second paragraph makes 1 interesting point that i hadn't noticed before, and that was that Sora says something, or...
  2. CaptainKchuckles

    What does KHI have planned for this week?

    In the short time i joined this community, i was bombarded with assignments from my university. Since it's my last semester i'm trying to take things seriously and not handing in anything late. (still doing everything the night before/day of the due date though) last week i had to pump out 3...
  3. CaptainKchuckles

    Finally enjoying a kingdom hearts community

    I've been looking to join a kingdom hearts community since barely anyone i know has played the games. Looking forward to talking about the series with the lot of you. As well as just joining a forum for the sake of joining a forum.