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    The Killers (Day & Age)

    The Killers recently released a new single for their upcoming album, Day & Age. The single is titled Human. The song can be heard on the band's official site, or if you think you're cool you can go buy it on iTunes. We all know the cool people actually download the song, though. Wait what? Did...
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    Rumor Stupor - A Kingdom Hearts Anime?

    Rumor Stupor - A Kingdom Hearts anime? - Kingdom Hearts Insider Time to discuss. True or false?
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    KHInsider @ Video Games Live!

    KHInsider @ Video Games Live! - Kingdom Hearts Insider I, Deeman, tell about the events of Video Games Live and share my thoughts on the experience! And yes, a Kingdom Hearts song was played at the concert! Check out the main page to see a video recording! Discuss the epic-ness of the Kingdom...
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    KHInsider @ Video Games Live!

    KHInsider @ Video Games Live! - Kingdom Hearts Insider I, Deeman, tell about the events of Video Games Live and share my thoughts on the experience! And yes, a Kingdom Hearts song was played at the concert! Check out the main page to see a video recording! Post your thoughts/comments here.
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    Fanfiction ► Anteria

    I've had the strangest compulsion to write a story. Maybe it's because I've become tired of the numerous Kingdom Hearts fan-fictions being made. I guess you could say this is a bit of a change. This was merely intended for practice, but my imagination has been running wild. If any of you enjoy...
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    Mistranslation [No KH Promo--No New Screenshots]

    KHInsider.com Yes, the news is true, the future Kingdom Hearts games will not be making an appearance on the DVD that comes with the Gemaga December 2007 magazine. Instead, an article has been published in the magazine itself that merely talks about the various TGS trailers Kingdom Hearts...
  7. D

    I Am Legend

    Based off a science fiction novel by Richard Matheson, I Am Legend tells the story of a young man who lives in a lifeless New York city, all the inhabitants having been either killed or mutilated by a deadly infection. - Official Website - - Wikipedia Page - -High Quality Trailer on Apple...
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    Dead Fantasy

    Gametrailers.com - Monty Oum - Dead Fantasy I HD Best CG fight scene I've ever seen. Ever. I can't wait till part two. I am left in stunning amazement.
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    Fanfiction ► 24: Hour of Despair

    ~HOUR OF DESPAIR~ A dark figure crept silently along a dimly lit corridor, his athletic shape keeping close to the side. In his hand gleamed a light USP Tactical, loaded and ready. Like a rat, the man scraped along the side of the wall, anticipating an attack of some sort. He blinked, his...
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    Linkin Park [The Truth]

    I decided to post this in the Music section, as it has to do with a specific band. YouTube - Linkin Park Parody I'm sure many of you have seen this. Even Linkin Park fans love this video. I find it hilarious, because what he's singing is absolutely true. I'm not a fan of Linkin Park, either...
  11. D

    Square Enix Booth--Full!

    Kingdom Hearts 2 II 3 III Final Mix - Kingdom Hearts Insider Yesterday morning was intense for those waiting to get inside the Closed Mega Theater. A long, full line-up was formed just outside the theater, a countless number of Square-Enix fans eagerly awaiting their turn to see previews for...
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    Help/Support ► ~ An Interesting Situation ~ (Long Read)

    Hey y'alls. This is Deeman, yep. I never thought I'd post a thread like this, but considering that a great majority of you give out helpful advice, I decided to post my issue/or my thoughts in here. I apologize for the massive post. For those of you who don't want to read it all, then don't. And...
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    More Impressions on the next KH Games!

    Yep, you guessed it! Some more impressions on the new Kingdom hearts games from another site! This time, we're quoting Joystiq. What they have to say about the next three Kingdom Hearts games is quite intriguing. Have a look! Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Impressions "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by...
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    IGN's Article on Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days!

    Kingdom Hearts 2 II 3 III Final Mix - Kingdom Hearts Insider Source: IGN: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days =D Gets me excited.
  15. D

    FFVII Crisis Core Intro!

    Gametrailers.com - User Movies Contests, User Movie Contests It's absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of the opening of the original FFVII. That is truly a wonderful feeling to experience. Be warned, this is the intro to the game, and it's in Japanese without any subtitles. But still, the opening...
  16. D

    Major Staff Reshuffling

    edit; Sorry, thread merging issues. Congratulations to you all! Alexx and I will work well together modding the KH section. EDIT by Manchester Black: I'd also like to add that we've just hired Dorian Gray as a new Chat mod and Blackest Night as the new RP section mod. Please welcome both to...
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    Forty PS3 Games Playable at TGS

    Not bad. Also, What could these four mystery games be? Source: IGN: Forty PS3 Games Playable at TGS (obviously)
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    KHInsider Interviews KH Voice Actor!

    Hello, everyone! Deeman here, and I have some exciting information to present you with. KHInsider has just recently interviewed a voice actor for the Kingdom Hearts series. How enthralling and engaging it was to be able to communicate with this lovely person. Her name is Naia Kelly, the voice...
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    Rumour Control: Next KH on handheld?

    Rumour Control: Next KH on handheld? - Kingdom Hearts Insider Greetings, KH fans! The KHI staff is proud to the first to bring you a new piece of news. In a recent EGM magazine, there is a rumour that states that a KH prequel is in the works. What's more is that this prequel is set for the hand...
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    The power of Flash

    oh haha What a difference, huh?