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  1. Swing

    About Kairi’s future role in the series

    This is the worst kind of the story-process that you can give to any character. If all the character development happens off-screen. This is just lazy writing in my eyes and will show me that Nomura really has no clue what to do with Kairi.
  2. Swing

    About Kairi’s future role in the series

    Kairi has never really interacted with anyone besides Sora and Axel. And with Axel, it never really felt like a very meaningful friendship. Kairi and Axel always seemed like two characters that are only together because they both know Sora. It is like you have a girlfriend and you have to hang...
  3. Swing

    How should the characters be treated going forward

    Not to go too much off-topic here, but sadly, this is an issue the Sonic-series has. They can't really use most of their characters in a good way after their stories have come to an end. It is really hard to write for a character such as Shadow, Blaze, or Silver now since you can't really use...
  4. Swing

    How should the characters be treated going forward

    To be honest, in my opinion, they should decrease the number of characters for this franchise and should only pick the ones that they need for the story. KH has the same issue as the Sonic-Series. It has way too many characters now. I would only choose Sora, maybe Riku, since he is a fan...
  5. Swing

    Thoughts on Star Wars and how it can be incorporated into Kingdom Hearts

    We will have to see if Star Wars is still something of value to be even considered to put into KH. Disney really has no idea what to do with Star Wars and this franchise gets a lot of negative backlashes lately. The new movies are disappointing, the High Republic book isn't selling well...
  6. Swing

    About Kairi’s future role in the series

    We have two Aquas now?
  7. Swing

    About Kairi’s future role in the series

    Very unlikely. In my eyes, KH: DDD was the perfect opportunity to give Kairi a much-needed spotlight role. But sadly, they went with Riku once again instead. I think the reason why Kairi hasn't got any focus in the series so far has more to do with the Yaoi image of the franchises. And yes, I...
  8. Swing

    Film ► Raya and the Last Dragon (2020)

    Personally, I get more of an Avatar: The Last Airbender-vibe from it.
  9. Swing

    Film ► Raya and the Last Dragon (2020)

    Meh... I really feel nothing buy watching these trailers. Maybe I should take a very long break from animation. After a while, they look, sound, and feel very similar to each other.
  10. Swing

    What does this scene means?

    It means that Roxas has a heart, that might be filled with darkness or light or whatever... who cares at this point? Kingdom Hearts is just way too complicated.
  11. Swing

    TV ► Worst sitcoms in existence thread

    For me, it is the Big Bang Theory. This show isn't funny. A lot of the so-called humor is just normal small talk with a laugh track put over it. I know this can be said for many other shows, but I have the feeling other shows tried to be funny. TBBT on the other just wanted to sound funny.
  12. Swing

    News ► A Kingdom Hearts Disney Plus CGI series is rumored to be in the works

    I hope it will be a simple (and clean) show with a non-complicated story.
  13. Swing

    Cartoon/TV ► Ducktales ending

    Meh, it was kinda getting overloaded with characters anyway: Gummi Bears-, Chip'n Dale-, TaleSpin-, Goof Troop-, Darkwing Duck-, Bonkers-, old DuckTales-, New DuckTales-, and European Duck-comic-characters. Way to many characters, way to many plotlines, way to many of everything. This is an...
  14. Swing

    Top 10 Worst Characters

    10. Kairi - because she has become the Jiggy of the KH-series. 9. The Unversed - because they fill like unnecessary filler-villains for the Heartless. 8. Xion - because I don't really see her purpose. 7. Master of Master - because he might make KH more complicated than it already is. 6. Nobodies...
  15. Swing

    About Kairi’s future role in the series

    Or... she just gets nothing. I'm sorry, but I think it is just way too late to develop her as a character. I mean, it took them over two decades to make her playable, and even then she was only playable in a few parts of a game. Heck, even in her own freaking game she wasn't allowed to defeat...
  16. Swing

    Xion was pointless on purpose theory

    I don't hate her, not at all, but I also do not pay much attention to her either. For me, Xion has the same issue as many other KH-characters, meaning, that she feels like she is just there. I just don't see the reason, why she was even created. She servers no real purpose other than just...
  17. Swing

    Xion was pointless on purpose theory

    Isn't it pretty much every character that isn't Sora, Riku, Xehanort, and maybe Aqua. For real, you can pretty much remove almost all characters besides these four (or three) and the story of KH wouldn't really change. Most of the characters have the same issue as the Disney worlds. They are...
  18. Swing

    About Kairi’s future role in the series

    Hard to say, since Kairi for most of the time treated as an item. We never really explored her as a character or her backstory that much. If she would go on her own adventure, she must grow as a character and be more independent. Similar to what Tails and Amy went through in Sonic Adventures...
  19. Swing

    Politics Hey Americans...

    I wonder if Donald Trump tries to get elected again for another 4 years.
  20. Swing

    We need more worlds like Monstro

    The only thing I could think of is Inside Out from Pixar, where Sora might enter the mind of someone else or if someone just enters Sora's own mind where they meet all of Sora's emotions: Joy-Sora, Sadness-Sora. Anger-Sora, Fear-Sora, Disgust-Sora, and Foot Fetish-Sora... oh, wait, that is my...