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  1. Swing

    I think the next era of KH will focus on Square Enix

    Since Disney has gotten so restricted with their properties, I think Nomura already gave us a hint, that Sora will visit Neku in his homeworld from TWEWY. Also, this new world that they showed of in KH3 and MoM gives me a bit more FF vibes rather than Disney vibes, unlike other original worlds...
  2. Swing

    Riku and Naminé are official a couple... that is something...

    ... I guess. I'm sorry, But I personally can not understand why this is a thing. 'm happy for Naminé that she finally has a person in her life that truly loves her back, but I still can not understand why Riku was the one. He is such a lone wolf that I'm surprised he has even time for a...
  3. Swing

    Which other company besides Disney could work with the KH formula?

    Has anyone of you asked the question, if another company and their properties could work with KH besides Disney? Warner Bros. would come to my mind since they would have been the second-biggest western company at the time. Instead of Donald and Goofy Sora would probably have Bugs Bunny and Daffy...
  4. Swing

    Will Sora be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    My heart says, that he really deserves to be playable in SSBU. He is iconic enough to be among the big-name-stars in gaming history such as Mario, Sonic, Link, Cloud, Ryu, Banjo-Kazooie, and Simon Belmont. But my gut tells me, that he sadly won't make it. Sora is in a weird licence position...
  5. Swing

    Will the KH-series get in trouble with SJWs?

    We are now in a new... let's say... in a new era of entertainment. People are very sensitive nowadays when it comes to the portrait of specific people in media. Mostly women, people of color, and folks from the LGBTQ. Any form of art media must be politically correct nowadays. Even games...
  6. Swing

    Is it possible to see 20th Century Fox properties in the future?

    Kinda depends on how long Disney and KH, in general, will last. I mean, it took them until KH3 to finally add Pixar movies to the game. Which 20th Century Fox properties do you want to see in KH in the future? The ones that come to my mind would be James Cameron's Avatar since the movie would...
  7. Swing

    Will the Kingdom Hearts series ever feature elements from Disney TV-shows?

    I'm not talking about featuring them as a whole world, because I do not think this will ever happen, but maybe given a separate character a small role in another world like Scrooge and Remy did in KH3. Or maybe even something smaller like a cameo on a poster or a billboard. Like for example, you...
  8. Swing

    Kairi should have been the star of the Kingdom Hearts franchise!

    You folks think I'm confused for saying this, but I mean it. No Joke! I really think Kairi should have been the main star of the KH series. Why? Let me explain: - She is the only one of the main trio that had a backstory. She lost her memories, has no idea where she comes from, and doesn't have...
  9. Swing

    Should Phantom Blot be part of the new Organization XIII?

    Okay, we all now this is not going to happen. This thread is more like a "what if... question". Nomura (I think) already said in an interview, that he wants to keep the Disney and FF characters out of the main narrative and only wants to focus on his original characters he has created. An even...
  10. Swing

    What purpose does Kairi serve?

    Even thought she is still technically the female lead of the whole Kh series she has a shocking low presents in the KH games. I mean sure, she technically has a huge role in the story (I think) because she is one of the seven Princesses of Heart and kinda also their leader (I think) but the...
  11. Swing

    What unusual characters do you want to see in KHIII?

    What kind of unusual characters do you want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3, that actually could appear? I don't mean some absurd ones like Spongebob Squarepants or Batman - I mean characters that technically belong to either Square Enix and/or Disney, but some taht are really unusual. Characters...