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    アリエン weapon design

    Weapon design for an art project I'm doing. Background is finished as you can tell. But yeah any ideas for colors (warm colors)? アリエン is japanese for my name Arien, so I'll just call it that for now XD. Low quality due to no scanner. C&C greaty appreciated. 1 2
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    [Movie] Meet The Spartans

    If there is already a thread about this then sorry. How do you think this movie is going to turn out? I think people will either love it or it will completly fail. YouTube - Meet the Spartans New Trailer (Movie) Preview Comedy 2008
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    I got a PS3

    Hey, I got a PS3 for Christmas and I was wondering if anyone knows any good games to buy. The only game I have is Motor Storm but it came with the system. So if you know any good games please let me know. Thanks.
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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3

    Naruto ultimate ninja 3 coming to you in March. I just bought Narutimate hero 3 and Accel but thats okay because i like the Japanese voices better.YouTube - Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 (US)
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    Photoshop Help

    How do you highlight on photoshop like when you are in Microsoft Word you can double click a picture or a word and it will highlight it for you. But I can't seem to find that on photoshop.
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    Naruto Accel 2

    What do you think? YouTube - Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 2 intro
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    Tekken VS. Soul Calibur

    Which game do you prefer?
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    Ichigo/ Itachi VS. TS Naruto/ TS Sasuke

    Who do you think would win?
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    Cartoon Network vs. Nick

    Which do you think is a better channel?
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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2

    Or Narutimate Hero 2. So is anyone waiting for this game to come out? I thought the first one was cool but it lacked characters. The naruto games I really want are Narutimate Hero 3 and Naruto Shippuuden Accel.
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    ΩΩΩΩ Uzumaki Free Four All BattleΩΩΩΩ

    Ok This is a free for all battle, who do you think will win? Watch the video if you want. Naruto vs. Sasuke vs. 3rd Hokage vs. Orochimaru Video -----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3i6fCjrQ5w May the blood spill.
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    ***Ultimate Battle II***

    Monkey D. Luffy/Orochimaru/Gaara Vs. Naruto/Cloud/ 4th Hokage May the blood spill Which do you think would win? Team Luffy or Team Naruto THE LEADERS Monkey D. Luffy with kh music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO_m2zh1Yeg Naruto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4tMF2If5so
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    Uzumaki Battle III

    Who do you think would win in this battle? 3 on 3 battle Sasuke/Neji/Kakashivs. Gaara/Orochimaru/Kabuto Team Kakashi or Team Orichimaru May the blood spill
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    Uzumaki Battle 2

    I hope I made this battle complicated, but anyway... Kakashi/Garra vs. Gui/Rock Lee Which do team do you think would win in battle Team Kakashi or Team Gui no spaming
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    Uzumaki Battle

    who do you think will win in this battle Kyuubi Naruto/Rock Lee vs. Cursmark Sasuke/ Butterfly Choji naruto's team or sasuke's team no spaming :thumbdown:
  16. F


    well guys what everybody it was Darkness-2-Light's birthday on 11/4/06 so wish him a happy birthday he turned 14 :scared: his party was awsome....even if im not good at lazer tag
  17. F

    Sword Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RED team/ *** \ black team red= cloud/auron/sora / [blood of bonds\ black= leon/spheiroth/riku in a battle for there lives Cloud/Auron/Sora vs Leon/Spheiroth/Riku :blink:
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    Random KHI users

    I want to know who you think is the most random user on KHI, this thread might not do well but it's an easy post for everyone, so just answer
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    Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3

    ok i want to know what you think about Narutoimate Hero 3, if you haven seen anything on it go to www. youtube.com and search naruto ultimate ninja 3 anyway i think it look really cool, just tell me what you think about it
  20. F

    sword against sword chakra against chakra

    ok which team do you thing would win CLOUD and NARUTO (nine-tail) vs. SEPHIROTH and SASUKE (curse mark) one blood thirsty battle