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  1. aqualight

    TV ► Scream Queens

    How does everyone feel about this show so far? Do you love it, hate it? Is it the reason why you hate the world? How does everyone feel about the content of the show? Is it funny or not? If you have seen it, who's the red devil? What's the motive behind all the murders? Who's the tub-baby? Why...
  2. aqualight

    What Outrageous KH Theories Did You Used To Believe In/Still Hope For

    We all like to pat ourselves on the back when we guess plot twists but surely i mustn't be the only one who theorised things that just... completely missed the mark. For example as a kid i was obsessed with the idea that Kingdom Hearts could be personalised as well, a person, that i jumped the...
  3. aqualight

    Help/Support ► [tech] Should I Buy A Memory Stick Or Not?

    i think this is the right section. but anyway... i'm buying a psp soon and i was wondering if i should buy a memory stick or not? Is there enough or any memory on there? If there is, is there enough for BBS? i tried finding out but i got confused :S
  4. aqualight


    Neo6W1f7hyY Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen is meh >:( Alex Pettyfur. Rawr. so pretty much it's a modern beauty and the beast from the beast's perception
  5. aqualight

    KH named pets?

    we got a new kitten yesterday and i was going to call it koneko but today my sister came home and now she is called namine. so does anyone else have any kh named pets?
  6. aqualight


    do you believe in ghosts? have you ever seen a ghost? i have a constant fear that i'll see my dad not that it would be a bad thing it would just scare the shit out of me TELL ME IF YA HAVE SEEN A GHOST!!!
  7. aqualight

    my random anime drawing

    sooooooooooooooo watcha think????????????????????????????????
  8. aqualight

    Your Favorite ► favourite AMV

    i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored so what's your favourite AMV????
  9. aqualight

    when do you want to die???

    i want to die before i'm 30 people think i'm crazy i probably am but seriously, when do you want to die?
  10. aqualight

    the awesomest names on khi

    who on khi has the best real name???? i just wanna see who has odd/awesome/random names ^^ names: tenyasyugan - reyanna bellaisima358 - karla twilightdusk - amber number xxi - adin keyblader110 - howell lancelot - callum tri-edge - ej. _ex - ethan laz - lazaro testify...
  11. aqualight

    my namine drawing :D

    my namine drawing :D is it good, bad or average yes i know it a bit hard to see but that is the scaners fault!
  12. aqualight

    <!> the sims fanclub <!>

    The Sims Fanclub!!! join if you find the sims fun and addictive!!! Members Aqualight Nero Roa Starcrossedsky Xion_Z_Forgotten 8298906 Sparks Random Queen AxelYoYo AxelRoxasFan223 UmbraTsuki Takuya Screenshots and Pictures Videos just tell me if you want a certain colour ^ ^
  13. aqualight

    ~>The Wonderful Tidus Fanclub<~

    The Wonderful Tidus Fanclub!!! Founder aqualight Members Lancelot Nero King Sora X Beastly0123 Pictures Videos If you want a certain colour for name just tell me ^^
  14. aqualight


    something is wrong with khi on my computer :cry: when i go to my profile it says i'm looking at the user nickname game (which i haven't looked at in like a day) and i can't see new vm also on some threads it won't update when someone posts unless i post but when i leave and come back it...
  15. aqualight

    Your Favorite ► fave anime couples

    whats ur fave anime couples:36:
  16. aqualight

    the kh answer game

    kay all u have to do is ask a question what isn't one bit kh and answer with something as much kh as possible :35: it's not that hard eg: question: why isn't it raining? answer: cause it's demyx's day off now for the first question: why is the grass green?
  17. aqualight

    i'm bored, help

    i'm bored and i feel like listening to some music what song??????????
  18. aqualight

    favourite tekken character

    whats ur favourite tekken character
  19. aqualight

    if u could add stuff to kingdom hearts

    if u could add anyone or anything from anything to kingdom hearts what would it be, it could even be yourself!!!
  20. aqualight

    paopu fruit

    does anyone wonder what a paopu fruit would taste like and what would it taste like