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    EA to buy Take 2 (makers of GTA)

    EA proposes to buy Take 2 for US$2 billion And the consolidation continues. Electronic Arts, the world's biggest third party publisher, has announced that it proposes to acquire Take Two Interactive in an all cash merger. The deal is for US$26 per share, a 64% premium over Take Two's current...
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    White candidates should be barred

    Labour report backs all-black shortlists | Politics | The Observer The Guardian reveals that a report - commissioned by Harriet Harman (deputy leader, NuLabour) - recommends that restrictions be placed on white people being able to stand for parliament in up to 100 constituencies, for up to 20...
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    136kg limit for wii

    well an interesting thing with the upcoming game wii fit makes it so anyone over a certain weight limit can't use it 136Kg limit for Wii Fit Balance Board Do you meet the minimum system requirements? According to Nintendo Japan’s Wii Fit website, the upcoming ‘Wii Fit-Balance Board’ has a...
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    Bungie and Microsoft part ways

    Breaking: Bungie Split Confirmed - Kotaku Bungie has long been built on creativity, originality and the freedom to pursue ideas. Microsoft agreed, and rather than stifle our imagination, they decided it was in both our best interests to unleash it. We'll continue to make Xbox 360 games, and...
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    Help/Support ► petty arguments

    well basically me and 2 of my friends/ ex friends got into a petty argument and now its caused major division among all my friends that know them the argument was over something really pathetic aswell, i had a party and due to them not being able to come to it (and me not willing to change it...
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    microsoft deny findings

    this is the news story super eclipse didn't post (since it put microsoft in negative light) despite him posting the other microsoft news stories of the day Experts investigate 360's heat problems - Xbox 360 News - Australia's PAL Gaming Network Experts investigate 360's heat problems Microsoft...
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    Fully flexible PGR4 textures too big to fit on a DVD.

    well while last time it was a rumour (in regards to grand theft auto) this time its confirmed DVD-9 is no longer the best medium to use when it comes to making games, the creates of PGR4 could not fit everything on a single dvd, and refused to make it a multiple DVD game (due to difficulty of...
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    heavenly sword demo impressions

    well this game has alot of hype and finally people have been able to play the demo while excellent, you go through the whole scene of grinding down the rope (having to hit the right buttons or else falling off) , before being surrounded by enemy soldiers. Now theres quiet a few combo's (they...
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    heavenly sword demo - 26th july

    well for us in the european region (australia comes under europe) anyway, not sure on the US release date but this is great finally people will get to play heavenly sword even if its a demo anyway GamersCreed - Anything, Everything Gaming - Heavenly Sword Demo : Dated for EU and for the lazy...
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    Xbox 360 GTA IV disc fitting troubles

    well while this is a rumor, but still this is a blow for xbox 360 fanboys and their "We don't need HD-DVD drive" and "one dvd disk is big enough no more space is needed" but rockstar are having trouble trying to get grand theft auto 4 to fit on one xbox 360 disk . Imagine having to switch disks...
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    Help/Support ► a liar

    well this is gonna be a semi long post in any case, it all began about a month ago where some girl randomly added me to msn, now i knew one of her friends (only online not in real life) and anyway she seemed interested in meeting me now overall we constantly organised meet ups, but she'd...
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    Help/Support ► a friendship worth ending?

    ok for a fair while now (about 2 years) me and a girl named mia have been friends, we were pretty close friends too, yet ever since she got a boyfriend she ignores everyone else. i know that being that its her bf its understandable that she would be closer to him than everyone else, but to the...
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    EA stuff up the wii version of the godfather

    article here EA has sent through the latest images for The Godfather: Blackhand Edition which is set for release on the Wii next month. The Wii version of the game will be a port of the console editions released last year with Wii exclusive features added, such as a new control scheme. You...
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    Help/Support ► a tough choice

    ok this is a bit different from the normal topics on here, in regards to this is about my pet rat , now for those that can't stand them, just imagine he was a dog or something basicly 2 weeks ago, i found him gasping for breath, as soon as i found out, we rushed him to the vets, now...
  15. E

    the end of jack thompson

    article well it seems , despite this guys attempts to get games banned, his attempts were his own undoing, now the guy all gamers hate is in major trouble lol finally it happenend
  16. E

    Fate/Stay night

    has anyone else watched this great anime? ok basicly the story is, every few years theres a holy grail war, where 7 (though there was once an exception, in the 3rd holy grail war an 8th was accidently summoned) magicians and their servants (they get a servant each, these servants were people of...
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    Wheres our flashchat?

    just wondering when the flashchat will be up? i mean it was announced it was happening, and then no trace has been mentioned since that i'm aware of Has the plan changed and were no longer getting it? Is it still happening? How come its taking a bit to happen?
  18. E

    Gunz: the duel (warning for 56k, large images)

    as far as i know, this has not been mentioned on this forum, so i thought i would bring everyones attention to a fun online action rpg called gunz: the duel, while not an rpg in the final fantasy sense, you do gain levels and earn money to buy better equipment by winning fights The english...
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    Anime/Manga ► Post your anime/manga collection

    ANIME DVD's ----- .hack//liminality part1 animatrix (debatable if its anime) cardcaptor sakura vol 1,2,3 cowboy bebop the movie haibane renmai vol 1,2 hellsing vol 1,2,3,4 gundam seed vol 1 neon genesis death & rebirth rurouni kenshin vol 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 samurai x betrayal spirited away 2 disc...
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    10th planet of our solar system discovered

    http://www.spaceflightnow.com/news/n0507/29planet/ even though sedna or whatever that mini planet that they didn't decide to count it as a planet due to it being to tiny, well this 10th planet is bigger than pluto, so they will have no excuse this time