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    Time-displaced, or resurrected?

    Which of the members of the Real Organization XIII were time-displaced, and which ones were ACTUALLY resurrected?
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    Before you answer my questions, I must let you know that I just completed Monstropolis, so I don't want any spoilers for what happens in the story after. How exactly are the characters starting to remember Xion now? How did Lea get that vision of Xion when he looked at Kairi?
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    In The World That Never Was, how exactly was Roxas able to physically appear in front of Sora, and have it not be an illusion? He's supposed to be inside Sora, right? And another thing: If Roxas's memories weren't brought over when he merged with Sora in KH2, then WHAT was? How else would you...
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    Everglow's Timeline videos present the entire Kingdom Hearts in chronological order. Would viewing the Xehanort Reports and the first scene with Xehanort and Eraqus spoil the story for those who never experienced it? If they do, then when would be the best time to show them? I want to introduce...
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    Cutscene question

    On Day 151 in the original 358/2 Days game, why is the scene with Sora at the crossroads shown after we see Roxas and Axel hanging out? It just feels randomly placed. It's at the very end of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iVn3avxwaw
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    Which specific parts of KH2 are the most fillery and can be skipped entirely in a cutscene marathon? I know the Atlantica world is all filler, but what else is there?
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    Kingdom Hearts Timeline

    I was watching the Kingdom Hearts Timeline videos by Everglow on YouTube, and it got me thinking. If I am to show a friend of mine the Kingdom Hearts games like a movie, and is experiencing the story for the first time, is it better to them to him in release date order, or in chronological order?
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    I can't decide which of these two videos presents the cutscenes in the best order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHlFURBFV1U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASdWUwab3o0
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    1. Is it really worth completing the reports for each character? I get the feeling that it might feel a little strenuous and repetitive, especially when it comes to completing all three command collections. 2. Which character is best for completing the hidden bosses and Mirage Arena, and why?
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    What the heck was up with Maleficent and Pete suddenly having no more scenes for the rest of the game before Sora and friends encounter Xemnas? There is no payoff to what they were doing throughout most of the game. They just disappeared!
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    Master Xehanort

    I'm surprised that they still haven't announced who will voice Master Xehanort yet.
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    Haley Joel Osment

    Do any of you think that Haley Joel Osment's still got it as the voice of Sora, even at his age?