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  1. megatron532

    Sora's lack of character development throughout the saga (spoilers therein)

    Gotta say I 100% disagree. In KH1 Sora is ignorant. He only really dreams of leaving home because Riku does. He would be perfectly content living out his days on the islands. By KH2 he is definitely overconfident, truly a teenager now, probably feeling unstoppable and like his whole adventure is...
  2. megatron532

    Not so new, but back again

    Hey all, call me Nick. I registered here nearly a decade ago (whoa...) and I used to be a semi-active member in the "Future of Kingdom Hearts" and "Roleplaying" areas. I was last on here at the age of 15 but I'm 20 now and that nameless entity is finally on it's way next year, so I decided to...
  3. megatron532

    Before KH3D.

    This seems familiar to me, too. He just didn't like the design or something
  4. megatron532

    Before KH3D.

    I found all this stuff on the internet with speculation and stuff after I beat KHII, so BHK is something I was not a part of. Everything after that, though... I remember calling Vanitas the Dark Soldier Master Xehanort was UEM Terra was Sora's dad Ven was Sora's brother Aqua's model looked way...
  5. megatron532

    So now that you-know-who has a keyblade...

    This, this is what I meant. Or maybe he can turn his keyblade into chakrams?
  6. megatron532

    So now that you-know-who has a keyblade...

    Maybe he'll use a wooden one like Vens practice one. Or get fancy with some frisbees or chakrams in one hand
  7. megatron532

    So now that you-know-who has a keyblade...

    I imagine his style will be a cross between valor and master form. And I doubt he'll even try to use two
  8. megatron532

    The Room (My First Short Story Attempt)

    So I've been thinking that I want to write a novel one day, and my only experience in writing is from English class in school. Basically, I figured writing short stories and posting them here for critique would be good for me. That said, here's the first of my stories, entitled "The Room"...
  9. megatron532

    Some Confusion [Spoilers]

    Re: Confusion with Lea in Dream Drop Distance. Spoilers. This and in those other images his ears aren't nearly as pointy as Xigbar or Saix's. Also, perhaps it has something to do with the quality of the rendering and for that reason I don't think Days should be used as a reference at all...
  10. megatron532

    Until Dawn

    Until Dawn: Move Sadly it's a Move game, but now everybody who thinks they're smarter than the kids in slasher films can finally prove it.
  11. megatron532

    Help/Support ► Mitral Valve Prolapse

    Dunno if this is the right section, but my friend Morgan recently told me she has Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome, which is when the valves connecting certain chambers of her heart don't open properly, as far as I know it has a very very low fatality rate, but if anyone could tell me any more...
  12. megatron532

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    I've heard that to beat Julius you should stock up on Balloons and curagas and just keave the balloons lying around and lead him into them, block, dodge, and heal as necessary.
  13. megatron532

    Question about Sora's clothes in TWTNW

    In the Ultimania Nomura answers this question by saying while he is in his second sleep he is seeing himself the way he knows he really looks like, like if you fall asleep while wearing a strange costume you would imagine yourself wearing average street clothes because that's your default...
  14. megatron532

    The Secondary Purpose for taking the MoM test.

    As has already been said, Yen Sid is pretty clear when he mention Riku's new ability to unlock sleeping hearts. Besides Sora at that very moment, who else in the entire universe of Kingdom Hearts do we know of whose heart is sleeping? Awakening Ventus fits perfectly with them finding the other...
  15. megatron532

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    You forgot Master Xehanort. He counts as one of the thirteen. So either Vanitas or Terranort isn't as obvious as you think and require being more clever to figure out. I do agree with you, though.
  16. megatron532

    Tron easter egg-Anyone notice this?

    I highly doubt that's intentional. It barely even looks like the MCP.
  17. megatron532

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    I think the seven lights are gonna be: 1. Mickey - He's already a master 2. Riku - So is Riku 3. Sora - The beginning of KHIII will have us play as Sora officially completing his training and becoming a master. 4. Lea - Lea will also end up completing his training. 5. Kairi - So will Kairi, I...
  18. megatron532

    Confused about the ending?

    From what I understand, since Ansem lost his body the ability was passed on to the other incarnations of Xehanort because they're technically all one person.
  19. megatron532

    The 'Fated' Place?

    Pretty clearly gonna be Keyblade Graveyard, slight chance it might be Castle Oblivion/Land of Departure.
  20. megatron532

    Day 322

    Because Sora was the one who would save Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Roxas, Xion, Namine, and Ansem the Wise from their torment. If Sora were incapacitated, they wouldn't have to worry about the original Ansem and six other keyblade-wielders. Not to mention Sora's keyblade. And through Sora they could...