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  1. TheMuffinMan

    Anime/Manga ► So, I just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    This is something I've been planning on doing for awhile. I watched the original series years ago, and I always knew about the storyline split and had been curious to delve into the manga plotline at some point. With the announcement of Brotherhood I decided to hold off for the animated series...
  2. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► I'm pretty much like a kawaii Dr. Phil

    If you see a girl often, and you recognize that you see her around campus often, talk to her. Seriously. if you see her a lot now by random chance, her knowing who you are means that every one of those random encounters gets to be a stop and say "hi" moment or just a time you can wave/smile at...
  3. TheMuffinMan

    Final Fantasy lines that describe the last time you had sex

    FF8 "....whatever"
  4. TheMuffinMan

    Help TMM win $250

    Edit: apparently since it's not extremely obvious, the "Help TMM win money" is a joke. If you do the work, and it goes to the contest and it gets into any sort of prize bracket like 3rd, 2nd, or even 1st place, then within my ability the prize would go to the designer. ------- So, my school...
  5. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► For my sixteenth B-Day...

    your 15 year old friends aren't going to be fancy/classy enough to stick to and/or even give a shit about your venetian mask theme. it's going to be a bunch of awkward kids and bowls of cheetos also the reason your parents gave you 3 options, 2 of which are normal/reasonable gifts, is because...
  6. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► So I just cut myself

    hey elle watch me ollie 900 over my grandma *beef*
  7. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► So I just cut myself

    Psychological studies show that the majority of people who are genuine cases of cutting (see: not attention) are because of inability to feel emotion, rather than escape from emotion. Legitimate cases of cutting come from the sense that you feel so little, that to be able to feel anything at all...
  8. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Gaming Laptop

    >he tried to put desktop parts in a laptop
  9. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► My test...

    Pretty much this. I mean, it's gonna sound dumb, but look into Melatonin vitamins. On the reverse spectrum, for when you're cramming, look into Adderol or Piracetam. Regardless of whether you think it's a "bad kid" thing or whatever, but it's pretty much what can help you get through the rough...
  10. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Major Choice- Career Path, etc.

    Being an english major = become teacher. basically. Psychology = you can fake it and listen to people complain for an hour and make $140 Go psychology.
  11. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► HOMEWORK HELP THREAD!

    I know this is an old question and obviously you don't need the answer, but I'm wondering why your class is having you do kinematics approaches to problems involving Friction, when you could just do Work/Energy formulas and I know you got the answer to your most recent question, but just for...
  12. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Being newly single sucks....

    dating on the internet is stupid, if your options are to date someone on the internet then those are stupid options. date people in real life.
  13. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Any Chemistry Experts?

    BanishingBlade gave a very thorough answer. One of the easiest ways I find to handle Dimensional Analysis at this level (see: easy peasy lemon squeezy) is to just not think about anything. Seriously. Do not think about shit of what anything means, just plug in numbers. Dimensional analysis...
  14. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► S'mor tech help-

    Yeah, if you're not tech savvy and havent had marginal familiarity with programing, at least in command prompt, then Linux is kinda really difficult to get into
  15. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Any Chemistry Experts?

    Dimensional analysis is fractions, just think of it as fractions Say you have 1/2. you wanna get rid of 1/2, what do you do? multiple it by a reciprocal 1 2 - - = cancelled 2 1 So, you don't WANT your answer to be in days, right? So you need to cancel away "days". therefore, put "days"...
  16. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Any Chemistry Experts?

    yeah, you're not really into any chemistry at all right now, but I mean I suppose it's good to have this thread open for when you do actually get into electron structure and polyatomic ions and acid/base stuff
  17. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Any Chemistry Experts?

    yeah, you're not really into any chemistry at all right now, but I mean I suppose it's good to have this thread open for when you do actually get into electron structure and polyatomic ions and acid/base stuff
  18. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Any Chemistry Experts?

    you're having a problem with english to metric and vice versa? uh metric to metric is just moving over decimal places and scientific notation, that's honestly stuff you should have established in middle school, but if you need help then yeah just give us example problems and we'll help English...
  19. TheMuffinMan

    Help/Support ► Being Rejected by a Friend

    dude boobs are awesome tell that bitch not to judge because you got some big ol tittays all up in your hand business