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  1. akuza89

    Can someone explain to me how Sora, Donald, and Goofy were stupid in KHII?

    Gotta admit it was more cheesey than stupid .. But let's be honest it's Disney who is backing the game too .. It's bound to be cheesey .. Can't expect it to be serious... Geez
  2. akuza89

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    I can't really think why people would think kh2 was bad... People tend to dislike change and there was quite alot in kh2 .. So it's probably just the babies who winge
  3. akuza89

    what makes you guys happy? =]

    just wondering because i also thought it might make a fun topic =] because funny things may make us laugh and maybe we could share them =] alot of things make me happy like my gf my friends playing my games comedy programs u know the usual stuff =] what about u guys ?
  4. akuza89


    whos heard of them? if u havent then u shouldd =] check em here MySpace.com - Hadouken! - London, UK - Indie / Electronica / Pop - www.myspace.com/hadoukenuk i love them and am going to see themm livee
  5. akuza89

    rock band!

    ook maybe i dont own this game but i will very very soon .. well .. very soon meaning 23rd may lol i am getting it from play.com its only £40 on there and it will be £50 when its in store =] but u dont get any of the instruments sadly but i do own a usb mic and a guitar hero guitar so i am...
  6. akuza89

    just a thought...

    but concidering psp ds and ps3 will be getting a kingdom hearts game do u guys think the xbox 360 will get one ? not the same just a kingdom hearts game because id love it =]
  7. akuza89

    hey im kind of new...

    kind of meaning i did have an account called akuza =] butt i thought id get this newer one named akuza89 as it is my xbox live gamertag aswell as the thing i seem to use for everything lol so really if anything it should welcome back if u knew whom i was which i highly doubt.. =/ anyway thanx...