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  1. ultimatekamil

    My, my So i've returned

    I'm back guys :oD it's been what.. like 1 and a half years since I've shown my face here, gosh my soul really is stuck here as I keep returning here no matter what. Well i'm glad to be back and hopefully we have some fun times here again
  2. ultimatekamil

    Sup y'all

    hey guys wat up im back yet again after eing off the site for like another month but rest a sure it was for a good cause but anyways i should be back for now and i hope i can start talking to my awesome friends on here again. well thts it for me Kamil out!
  3. ultimatekamil

    Playstation Home

    hey guys Kamil here and to all of you people with PS3's and go on Playstation Home add me so we can hang on there. im on Playstation Home most of the time so im sure if you do go on Home we can hang out sometime(if you add me). alright peace out guys! Kamil OUT!!!!
  4. ultimatekamil

    im bored

    hey guys kamil here and im bored. Im at school and got nothing to do and i still got like 40 mins left of class *sigh* i hope i survive
  5. ultimatekamil

    Hey im back

    Hey guys wats up kamil here and i guess im back now after a month i think so yah im back
  6. ultimatekamil

    Help me

    To anyone who knows were i can the English dub of Tsubasa on the internet please tell me or give me a link to it:smile:
  7. ultimatekamil

    I bet BbSv2 will be at E3

    Awesome news now i really want to go to E3
  8. ultimatekamil

    Buying a 3DS for Dream Drop Distance?

    well i might get it when KH3D comes out but i did buy a PS3 for when KH3 comes out
  9. ultimatekamil

    Add me on PSN

    hey guys/girls since PSN is back up i just wanna say that you're free to add me. my PSN ID is ultimatekamil. Now just a warning i don't have alot of room left on my friends list so it's 1st come 1st served and before you add me you must attach a note saying that your a member of KHI so that i...
  10. ultimatekamil

    Fanfiction ► The Power behind Kingdom Hearts, Destiny

    Nice job Fire's fan i like it i hope to see more
  11. ultimatekamil

    hello there

    Hello the name's jacob im a new memeber to this forum so i just want to introduce myself. im a pretty easy guy to befriend, im a huge anime fan, im a huge gamer who plays: Pokemon,Legend of Zelda,Street Fighter,Tekken,Mortal Kombat,Final Fantasy,Kingdom Hearts,Fire Emblem and much much more. and...