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    Help/Support ► Unrequited love..

    So I recently moved cross country to live with this girl, some people might remember the topic I made.. Anyways we agreed to live as friends and see where that went, so far? It's been a fucking roller coaster. Some days it's amazing and we get along so well.. but one day her daughter had her...
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    Help/Support ► This couldn't get anymore f'd up...

    Barely know where to start... Ok, so me and this girl have been talking for a little over three years... we've always been into each other but the problem was we lived on opposite sides of the country so we never tried to be anything more then friends.. which secretly killed me inside because...
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    Help/Support ► joining the marines...

    ok so, I don't think college is for me. just don't have the money, and cant see myself going.. its hard to explain. the military just always seemed right to me. but.. fam and friends just laugh and think im fcuking crazy for doin it. saying i wont make it. I just don't freakin get it. i'm in...
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    Help/Support ► Long distance problems v.v

    so normally I wouldnt come online and bitch about my problems but i don't know wtf to do anymore.. I have this really good "friend" and we really like each other and i plan on moving to her state in a year from now when i have enough saved up and we're getting a apartment together cause her...
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    haii im back <333 sorta.. maybe 0_0

    sooo.. who remembers me? :eek: and btw, who the hell made vicy a mod? =O god leave for a year and that happens >.< :35: I likes the new smilies tho ^_-
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    comp screen going black randomly

    over the last few weeks my comp screen has been going black. everything else still works, and i can bring up the moniter menu. this happens randomly. sometimes while playing a game it will go black but i can still hear sound in the back ground. I end up having to restart my comp to fix it...
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    now that ps3 got the bullet in its head...

    when is SE gonna anounce kh3 on the xbox 360? :thumbup: I mean no one owns a ps3 so why the hell would SE keep it a exclusive?
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    Ouch Heavenly Sword

    7 out of 10 on IGN. IGN: Heavenly Sword Review IGN-UK: Heavenly Sword Review You might wonder why? The game is 5 hours long -_-
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    Oblivion Game of the Year Edition coming this September!

    Oblivion Game of the Year Edition coming in September - Joystiq Crap. Oh well, looks like I'm going to save my money and buy this. It's worth 50$ (Now confirmed to be 50$) for SI and KotN. Dont have XBL, so this is the only way of getting it. Plus, it probably comes with patches. One...
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    I have every video game ever created. (Proof too)

    Sorry it's so blurry, my camera isn't so good. http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/9223/gamesyg6.gif Worship me in whatever way you see fit. XD
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    Xbox 360 game suggestion?

    I can buy a game for the 360 (sense I won Crazy Contest 2.1) and want to know what a good game is that has a VS mode, Co-Op mode, and Single player mode. I was going to get Gears of War, but, I hear thats not good sense I dont have XBL. Thanks for the help.
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    Killzone 2 at GDC

    http://www.gamespot.com/news/6166945.html?om_act=convert&om_clk=newsfeatured I like the part where the crowd screamed it look like it came from the first killzone. :D
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    Halo: Peter Jackson's Halo Project To Be Episodic

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    Lost 3 rep points. Why?

    I had 41 rep points, but I lost 3 and now I'm at 38. What happened to my other 3 points? I don't think I've done anything wrong, and there was no explanation if I did. :confused:
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    Crackdown hits the top 30 in Japan.

    Well it seems that the game sales good in Japan so far .:closedeyes: http://news.punchjump.com/article.php?id=3832 News Xbox 360 game Crackdown cracks top 30 in Japan Published: 1 hours ago; 9:32am PDT by Marcus Lai
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    Gamepro reviews

    I chose to laugh at these. They put it in their own words the best. "You may be surprised at the outcome" . They are right. And they have proven they know nothing about gaming whatsoever. http://www.gamepro.com/gamepro/domestic/games/features/95508.shtml Fanboys continue to amaze.
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    Is it true? Devil May Cry 4 coming to the 360!

    http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2007/01/26/is-it-true-devil-may-cry-4-coming-to-the-360/ Well Sony, you only have 2 titles left. (MGS 4 and FFXIII) You cant run a system on 2 games. PS3 is dead. Lets all move on. :)
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    Sony= Stupid

    This made me laugh:http://www.gamespot.com/news/6164738.html?tag=latestnews;title;2
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    Question about selling my PSP.

    In order to have enough money to maybe buy a few 360 games, and accessories, I'm probably going to sell my PSP. I'm not trading it in to Eb games, and am not using Ebay. I'll be selling it in my counties shopper. My question is, how much money should I be able to make of the following: -PSP...
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    Jiminys Journal: Hades Paradox Cup. Immpossible? Yes. Yes it is.

    Dear lord how the hell are you supposed to go through 50 rounds and not die!?!? :cursing: Getting through it is one thing, but finishing with 15,000 points is impossible. If your at round 49, and you die, you might as well go back to round 1 to get the points back. Now, that is the last thing I...