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  1. AceDime

    Some more work...

    this is my second work in progress. I know that there is barley anything here but i just started. I would appreciate if you would leave feedback for me. I'm open to suggestions and changes. Also if it's good or bad. And if you don't like it, then please tell me what i could do to make it better...
  2. AceDime

    What made KH2 easy (Battle-wise)

    They coulda made the sephiroth battle harder. plus the abilities you get from the forms. i mean i love the abilities, they come in handy, but they made the bosses way too easy
  3. AceDime


  4. AceDime

    Anything else after credits?

    You have to beat it on proud mode to get the secret ending, you might also have to find all dalmationas and trinities and complete jiminys journal
  5. AceDime

    Can you?

    I want to put i song up on KHI because i wanna see what people think about it, but it does cuss cause its by eminem, so can i put it up? if you needa hear it, its called Syllables, you can find it on hotnewhiphop dot com
  6. AceDime

    Im havin trouble

    So, ive beatin all the paradox cups in the underworld except the godess of fate and the hades because idk how to unlock them, can anybody tell me how?
  7. AceDime

    Join In

    Hey, ive seen the most users online was over a year ago, so i think we should make a new day where there are even more! So we should get as many people as we can online on new years day! I know thats a short time, but if yall are like me, your gonna forget. So if you want to join me, post here...
  8. AceDime

    what the?!

    haha, i forgot about that, im dumb. thanks for the help guys
  9. AceDime

    what the?!

    OK, so i started a game on kh2 about a year ago, got halfway through it, and quit for some reason, maybe because i beat the entire game like 6 times. but i recently started that file back up, and i look at my forms, and there's no wisdom!!!!! i know you have to beat the timeless river to get it...
  10. AceDime

    My Work in Progress

    This is a story that im trying to write, so leave a comment on how i can make it better, if its bad, if its good, and/or if you have any story idea, im open for suggestions. I'll also be making and commenting when i make a change or add. Please don't steal my work, ive worked hard to get this...
  11. AceDime

    I know its old....

    This had prolly been asked about 29849343 times, but have any of you beat Sephiroth in KH1? If you have, what level, what keyblade, and your strategies. I used my level 67 with the ultimate keyblade and i ran around the arena using aeroga the whole time and waiting to attack.