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  1. Shady

    Spirit Ranks?

    From what I've gathered, the higher a spirit's rank, the greater it's starting stats. For example, I have two Komory Bats in my current file. Both are Riku tutorial Komory Bats that I've hardly used (This is a New Game + file) and one is a rank E while the other a rank C. Komory Bat Rank E...
  2. Shady

    Majorly need help beating stupid mini games on critical difficulty!!!!!!

    I apologize for necroposting but I had to express my appreciation. I'm on proud and was having trouble with the required light cycle course. This strategy finally got me through it, barely but nonetheless.
  3. Shady

    How much munny did you get with Roxas?

    "Way to go Roxas" is Hayner's default line, it's if you go all the way to 2k that he has a different line which is: "Wow Roxas, that's awesome!". In the new playthrough I've started (and my first time ever in proud mode), I went to 2k because Roxas seems disappointed when he finds out how...
  4. Shady

    Is the 7th Guardian of Light already confirmed?

    Muke, the backup is much appreciated. As I am human, I make mistakes. At times, I get ahead of myself, put too much stock in an unclear memory or just have brain farts. No worries. I'm honest with little to no censorship and compared to how vile that can make me sound, your comment was...
  5. Shady

    Is the 7th Guardian of Light already confirmed?

    Doh. I can't believe how dense I'm being. I'm capable of so much better rationality. I did forget to consider that she's not a keyblade wielder. Well, then Kairi it is. ^_^ I have no other ideas. Unless Lea could be a possibility. I do concur that giving Kairi a keyblade was setting her up...
  6. Shady

    Is the 7th Guardian of Light already confirmed?

    No, I did not say Kairi couldn't be a GoL, I said I felt it a stretch, not the same thing. Though I see where it clashes with my naming Namine. Either of them is possible. Or even both as it could be Namine instead of Roxas. Thanx for this clarification. I hadn't entirely remembered what Xion...
  7. Shady

    Is the 7th Guardian of Light already confirmed?

    So, I just watched the Re: Coded movie and I was intrigued. First of all, it served more plot purpose than comments I've read about it had me believing. Not to say that it didn't still have it's pointless and even senseless aspects such as written word being treated like computer data and...
  8. Shady

    Is the 7th Guardian of Light already confirmed?

    I had no idea there was a reviving Roxas premise. Go ahead and disregard that entire post, it appears as though I have not done enough research. That would be confusing having both Ventus and Roxas co-exist. XD
  9. Shady

    Is the 7th Guardian of Light already confirmed?

    Um, Sora IS Roxas's complete being, as is Ventus (he is both their nobodies) ergo Roxas being able to be made into his own being is absurd. Furthermore, how is it "heavily hinted" that Ventus is a seeker of darkness? Vanitas was spawned as a separate being and Ventus landed himself in the...
  10. Shady

    Some questions on The Grid

    What I understood was that Xehanort was referring to data possessing no consciousness or that of A.I being a written algorithm giving a different definition to the form in which it "sleeps" and establishing that it does not dream. Meaning that The Grid had fallen into the RoS by having been...
  11. Shady

    me failing against data roxas

    This was a difficult fight for me as well but got easier as I figured stuff out. - Have all of Sora's item slots filled by Elixers. - Equipt the strongest keyblade for physical attacking that you own. - At the very beginning of the battle and just about any time you manage to attack him in...
  12. Shady

    Everyone's favorite and least favorite Disney Worlds in KHII?

    Favorites: (I can't choose just one) - Pride Lands. I'm the black sheep who actually kinda dug the whole Scar's ghost thing. I just love Scar. He's my favorite Disney villain. And I liked Lion Sora. - Halloween/Christmastown. I dig the costumes and I have a certain appreciation for Santa's...
  13. Shady

    Why did Mickey have a limited appearance in the first game?

    Which makes sense considering that Mickey's predecessor Oswald the (not so) Lucky Rabbit was stolen from Disney himself.
  14. Shady

    Does Vanitas have a heart ?

    Thanx for that very informative explanation Sephiroth. I see where the debate pertaining to the novels stems from.
  15. Shady

    Does Vanitas have a heart ?

    Sucks that the publications aren't solid canon, but I could still enjoy them. I quite enjoy TV series based novels which are non-canon.
  16. Shady

    Does Vanitas have a heart ?

    Thanx to you both. Now I understand. Ven is officially my favorite BBS character, this is such a great story. I might just look into the manga.
  17. Shady

    Castle Oblivion

    I see, the term 'twilight' regardless of its application defines an area on the spectrum not a state of existence.
  18. Shady

    Does Vanitas have a heart ?

    Thanx for clearing that up. What I meant to inquire is that because Vanitas is the dark side of Ventus' heart personified, how did that split and personification occur? Did this phrasing make any more sense?
  19. Shady

    Castle Oblivion

    Huh. I've never considered this definition of nobodies before. Does this define Twilight Town? Is every resident there; such as Pence and his gang a nobody?
  20. Shady

    Does Vanitas have a heart ?

    This thread has been very enlightening for me, I now see that Venitas is apparently the embodiment of the title 'Birth by Sleep' but there is still something I'm struggling to understand. The opening scene depicting the sleeping Ventus being taken to Destiny Islands and Sora's heart reaching...