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  1. Shady

    Question: Country of the Musketeers Treasure Chest

    In Sora's half, there is a treasure chest sitting up on a ledge at Tower Road, how do I reach it? I've tried Flomotion but can't get high enough even from the opposite ledge.
  2. Shady

    Issue with Traverse Town II in 3D

    There isn't a designated forum for 3D, so I hope I'm alright here. I've completed both Sora and Riku's Traverse Town I, Le Cite Des Coches and The Grid. Now I've just completed Riku's Prankster's Paradise. So the next stop is to return to Traverse Town but no matter where I enter it, the...
  3. Shady

    Mission Glitch?

    So today for the first time in some years I've begun once again my file of Days which I'd been stuck at for so long struggling to follow Pete in Agrabah. Accomplished that and proceeded even further into the game using my reliable DestinyIsland.com guide to help in some areas, though it's proven...
  4. Shady

    'Currently Closed Off' doors in Traverse Town?

    During my second playthrough my attention was somehow especially drawn to two doors in Traverse Town that remain "Currently Closed Off' even in my first file where I am nearly finished, in End of the World. One is in the 3rd District a few feet from the door to Merlin's area with a keyhole in...
  5. Shady

    Unreachable Area in Wonderland

    This has me stumped. I have returned to Wonderland with the glide ability and yet still am unable to reach the hedges in Tea Party Garden atop which are several treasure chests. How do I go about this?
  6. Shady

    Kingdom Hearts Playthrough Journal

    They have these at at least one of the Pokemon Forums I have been to, perhaps a few of them. Just a place to talk about where you are at in the game. Also I happen to have a small vent at the moment and no where else appropriate to post it. So here I am on my way back to Hallow Bastian and...
  7. Shady


    Greetings folks. So Playing through 1.5 Final Mix on standard or normal mode, whatever the setting in between beginner and Proud was called and have tonight gone from Montsro to Atlantica. I have reached the final battle in the world with Ursula w/ Flotsom and Jetsam which I admit figured would...
  8. Shady


    Post season's greetings folks. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I know I did, my most amazing in years in fact which resulted in my being here now. My mother's boyfriend got me a PS3 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix with it. It's been literally years since completing both the original PS2...