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    US Official Site Update: PSP Themes

    With all that excitement of Birth by Sleep Final Mix and KH3DS, and the fact that we have BBS on our hands, we lost track of the latest official site update. Nothing big, just three PSP Themes of Terra Ven and Aqua seperately. Pick your favorite. I didn't see any posts of it, so I'm guessing...
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    Brief Info + 3DS Plan

    I don't know if this has been posted (cuz I didn't see it), but during the Nintendo 3DS press conference, near the end, Nomura spoke briefly about the upcoming console and KH3DS. Here's link to the full 3DS conference. That snippet can be found at the very end. EDIT: Removed the full conference...
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    MiiWorld's Original Review: KH Birth by Sleep

    After three years of waiting, kept up to news and scans, watched video gameplays, watched the commercial during a couple of my favorite TV shows on ABC Family, I finally got my copy of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (after I had to deal with some stupid traffic and drivers that just don't know...
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    The Theme of Trust

    So I'm battling Xemnas right now so that I can watch the secret ending just in time for Birth by Sleep tomorrow, and while I was battling his King form on the Captain seat, he was saying to Sora "Are you sure you can trust Riku?" or something like that. Since the theme of KH3DS is based on...
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    Quick Question about Mirage Arena and D-Link

    There was a time during the news update of BBS where we learned that we can D-Link with the custom characters of Mirage Arena. I just want to know if that is possible with our very own custom characters? What I'm trying to say is that if I create a custom character in the Mirage Arena and play...
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    BBS E3 2010 Impressions (Spoiler Free)

    This is miiworld2, returning back home from E3 since Sunday and I want to share so much to you. The excitement is just too overwhelming. I'm sure you guys are aware of the Nintendo 3DS and its sweet KH3DS (from another thread that beat mine in the middle of the Nintendo conference =_=)...
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    OMG! watching the Nintendo Press Conference and KINGDOM HEARTS 3DS got announced as third party for the new NINTENDO 3DS!! EEEP! Wait, as there been a thread of it already? O.o I'm just too excited!!
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    100 Days till BBS US Release

    As of today, (if living in my region that is. It's still the 30th) we only have 100 days left till the official BBS release in the US. And I would like to make this thread special, to talk about your most favorites and least favorites KH moments from the first KH to the latest. If there has...
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    Where is Master Eraqus's Heart?

    I don't want to be confused anymore, but from what I understand in Terra's Ending, Terra lost his heart because MX took over his body, and Terra's heart went into his armor (the Lingering Sentiment) But where does Master Eraqus's heart fits in all of this? I figured that maybe it came into...
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    KH Graffiti wallpapers?

    I'm looking for this one Kingdom Hearts wallpaper. It has a heart in the middle intertwined by two graffiti graphics. I saw it somewhere on the Internet a couple of times ago and now that I need it I can find it. Can you guys help me find it?
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    BBS Website Update for 1/15

    Minor update from the BBS Japanese site in the System section, involving Mirage Arena info and footage. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Perhaps the last update on this site.
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    How long?

    To anyone who ordered and got BBS at Play-Asia, just want to know how long did it took for you to receive your copy? I'm planning to import it from the site by UPS, and the UPS duration says 1-3 day shipping, which is good for me right? But since I live in Portland, Oregon, and Play-Asia is in...
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    Two Questions?

    To those of you who got the game. I got two questions for y'all. How difficult and/or challenging do you find BBS (I don't care about whether it's Beginner or Proud Mode or such) I want to know if it's as challenging as KH1 and KH Days, or as easy as KH2? IMO, I find KH2 Proud Mode fairly...
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    Nomura's Message on Release Date

    Nomura has posted a new message from Message from the KINGDOM. Anyone care to translate? Must be another interesting point. Message from the KINGDOM???????????? ?????? If this has been posted already, my bad.
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    Website Updated!

    Once again, with Lia and Isa information at Radiant Gardens, Olympus Coliseum, and Mysterious Tower. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep
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    Crispin Freeman not on BBS

    Okay, so we all know that Crispin Freeman appeared in KH2 and voiced FFVI's Setzer and Will Turner, right? Well, here's confirmation that he will not be voicing anyone on Birth by Sleep (of course he won't voiced Setzer or Will Turner since both characters won't be on the game), but just in case...
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    Keyblade Master's Guide

    I don't know if the board is already aware of this, cuz I'm not and sorry if this is old news. KH BBS should be releasing a book in the near future. I think it's a strategy guide from what I've read in the title. KINGDOM@HEARTS@Birth@by@Sleep@PSP”Ł^ƒL[ƒuƒŒ[ƒhƒ}ƒXƒ^[ƒYƒKƒCƒhb...
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    Mall Advertisement

    UnBirth Wings has posted some interesting pics on Birth by Sleep ads. Couldn't find a thread related to it, so I thought I should share it with you all.
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    Biggest Booth at JumpFesta10

    Hopefully no one has posted this news yet. If so, then feel free to redirect me to the original thread. Anyway, it looks like KH BBS is gonna be the star of the show at this year's Jump Festa event. That's according to their booth map below, which looks big. Source: Square-Enix Jump Festa 10
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    BBS Website Update

    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Another BBS website update featuring the worlds: Land of Departure and Enchanted Dominion. A quick fun fact about that world page is that you get to see Ven navigating in the page as you approach the world of your choice. Nice. And also a new page called Special...