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  1. Musical charm

    I was thinking of some stuff that could happen in bbs v.2...

    wow, this gave me an idea, well sort of. What if the game starts off with aqua in the ROD (as most people were saying/assuming/predicting) and the enemies there could be the darkside(s) and probably some characters from the worlds that have gone down in darkness(like in the castle of dreams, the...
  2. Musical charm

    Tales Of The Eliminator

    you must have one freakin' lucky game card then.
  3. Musical charm

    how do i prepare for hollow bastion lvl 80 sector

    are you serious!? I should try that then...
  4. Musical charm

    A little advice please!

    I don't feel ready to challenge bug roxas... I probably will once I get a crown for each command I'm planing to use for him
  5. Musical charm

    A little advice please!

    ok' I'll try it out again, now that I'm at lvl 83, I think I can beat him easily, but what keyblade should I use? I hear that oathkeeper is good against him
  6. Musical charm

    what have you given up.

    this right here ^^^ is what is happening to me too
  7. Musical charm

    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    here's my avatar:
  8. Musical charm

    A little advice please!

    oh boy, it'll take me a while to beat him...
  9. Musical charm

    Time you've wast---spent on this game

    72 hours.....and still going
  10. Musical charm

    Tales Of The Eliminator

    well, so far, I've defeated like 12 of them. now, the first time I encountered them, I just ran for my life to survive, until I felt enough courage to go against one....biggest mistake yet I made in the game.... I hate it when I you have to do that avatar sector floor where you have to...
  11. Musical charm

    Re:coded Trophies

    Re: coded Trophies I just need 9 more till the secret ending...those world speed runs are gonna be hard....especially W3 speed run....
  12. Musical charm

    Mickey combo

    well, I never played RE:CoM so this is news to me
  13. Musical charm

    Is anyone getting bored of BBS?

    well, I'm not really bored of it, I just rarely have much time to play bbs anymore, but I think I'll be playing it again during winter break.
  14. Musical charm

    Braces -__-

    ok, before I start anything, I'm sorry if this has been posted before, if so, can you give me the link to the thread? anyways, I was wondering if braces hurt alot the first day you get them, I'll be getting mines on tuesday, but on that same day, I have to go to my clarinet lessons, so I was...
  15. Musical charm

    UHHHH I'm confuzzled.

    ^ WINNER!!!! lol, thats pretty easy.
  16. Musical charm

    Vanitas's Lingering Spirit strategy.

    me too, I beat it last night, but on proud. lol THE ROOOOOCK!!!!! XD
  17. Musical charm

    Obtaining Ragnarok on Command Board

    you know, I'll try this!!! hopefully I won't have bad luck >.<
  18. Musical charm

    KH BBSFM trailer

    awwww...I didn't get to see the trailer, they both got taken down... EDIT: I just read the post above me, thanks ^v^
  19. Musical charm


    YAY!!!! today is my birthday so I'm finally 13 yrs old, woohoo!!! I know nobody really cares, but I just wanted to let everyone know, lol sorry if this is in the wrong section(even tho I'm pretty sure its the right one)
  20. Musical charm

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    WTF!?!?!?! I just came on here after a week staying off, and now I found out all of this!!!! ugh, japan is always the lucky one T-T makes me jealous....oh well, at least I'm glad I have bbs in my hands.