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  1. Musical charm

    Braces -__-

    ok, before I start anything, I'm sorry if this has been posted before, if so, can you give me the link to the thread? anyways, I was wondering if braces hurt alot the first day you get them, I'll be getting mines on tuesday, but on that same day, I have to go to my clarinet lessons, so I was...
  2. Musical charm


    YAY!!!! today is my birthday so I'm finally 13 yrs old, woohoo!!! I know nobody really cares, but I just wanted to let everyone know, lol sorry if this is in the wrong section(even tho I'm pretty sure its the right one)
  3. Musical charm

    yet ANOTHER question for BBS

    ok, lately I've been wondering, when you play one of the scenarios, is it better to play through and finish one scenario and go to the next, or is it better to play bits and bits of each scenario until you finished all three? sorry if this is confusing in anyway. P.S. if there is a thread on...
  4. Musical charm

    what ever happened to pete and malificent in kh2?

    well, this question has been buzzing around me as of lately, what happened to pete and malificent in kh2 in the world that never was? all I remember was that both decided to help sora and co by battling those heartless for them, but what ever happened to them after that? I know that I've played...
  5. Musical charm

    when being obssessed with kingdom hearts

    okay, just so you know, I got bored and decided to go on flipnote hatena(on my dsi) and went to my fav channel kingdom hearts. anyways, what I came to say was that I found a flipnote that was kinda making fun of kingdom hearts( i thought it was hilarious) and it said that if your obssessed with...
  6. Musical charm

    Can you play any KH song in an instrument?

    first of all I'm sorry If I posted this thread in the wrong section, I'm new at this. anyways, the title says it all, can you play any KH song in an instrument? I can on my clarinet, I can play: hikari passion kairi roxas lazy afternoon and many more (kinda lazy to type the other song) Now...