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  1. megatron532

    Not so new, but back again

    Hey all, call me Nick. I registered here nearly a decade ago (whoa...) and I used to be a semi-active member in the "Future of Kingdom Hearts" and "Roleplaying" areas. I was last on here at the age of 15 but I'm 20 now and that nameless entity is finally on it's way next year, so I decided to...
  2. megatron532

    The Room (My First Short Story Attempt)

    So I've been thinking that I want to write a novel one day, and my only experience in writing is from English class in school. Basically, I figured writing short stories and posting them here for critique would be good for me. That said, here's the first of my stories, entitled "The Room"...
  3. megatron532

    Until Dawn

    Until Dawn: Move Sadly it's a Move game, but now everybody who thinks they're smarter than the kids in slasher films can finally prove it.
  4. megatron532

    Help/Support ► Mitral Valve Prolapse

    Dunno if this is the right section, but my friend Morgan recently told me she has Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome, which is when the valves connecting certain chambers of her heart don't open properly, as far as I know it has a very very low fatality rate, but if anyone could tell me any more...
  5. megatron532

    Lit ► Animorphs

    You remember them, I know you do. Anyone ever read the Animorphs series of books? Or watch the TV show at least? I know it wasn't only me. You know, with those kids who could turn into animals and they fought alien slugs called the Yeerks. And there were the Chee and the Ellimist and Crayak and...
  6. megatron532

    North American KH 3D Commercials

    I dunno if anybody else has seen any commercials for the game yet, but I just saw one on Adult Swim and it reignited my excitement for this game, it really does look fantastic. Anyone else catch any commercials for the game?
  7. megatron532

    Film ► V/H/S

    V/H/S (Official Movie Site) - Starring Calvin Reeder, Lane Hughes and Adam Wingard - On Demand August 31st and In Theatres October 5th - Trailers, Pictures & More A movie about this group of guys who are petty criminals hired to steal a VHS tape from a house with a dead guy in it by a...
  8. megatron532

    Help/Support ► Just Friends

    I feel really stupid doing this, but I would like some outside perspective on this topic. Basically what happened was I recently realized I have feelings for a really close friend of mine. I've been losing sleep over this and I've been thinking about her constantly. It kind of makes me feel...
  9. megatron532

    The Ouya

    Surprised to see no one else has posted this yet OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console by OUYA — Kickstarter A truly revolutionary system, click the link and watch the video.
  10. megatron532

    Your First Girlfriend/Boyfriend

    I dunno if this belongs in this section, but whatever. Basically, I turned fifteen a week or so ago and I've never had a girlfriend and I was wondering how normal that is. So, how old were you when you had your first boyfriend or girlfriend?
  11. megatron532

    The Creepypasta Thread

    I'm unsure how much interest there is in these forums, but I guess I should make an attempt. So, if anyone is interested in Jeff The Killer, Slenderman, The Rake, Candle Cove, EverymanHYBRID, Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, or MrCreepyPasta, this is where to discuss those stories/entries...
  12. megatron532

    What are you afraid of?

    I want to write a really creepy story, and I'm having trouble with inspiration. So i want you guys to tell me what's really scary. For me, I'm acrophobic(Fear of heights) and Arachnophobic(Fear of spiders). Though for the most part I've overcome those fears. However, the murderer in the...
  13. megatron532

    What the hell happened?

    You know, i haven't been on these forums in a few months, which isn't that long. But now I'm hearing all this about a BbSV2 movie and that it's going to attract new audiences. When the hell was BbSV2 confirmed? I thought we weren't even sure it existed yet. I've tried a search, but I haven't...
  14. megatron532

    The Reason Behind Days

    I just watched the scene where Xion died and something she said hit me. Everyone(blanket statement) says Days was pointless if everyone forgot Xion anyways, and she did nothing worthy, a plot device. However, as she died in Roxas's arms, she asked Roxas to stop Xemnas and free Kingdom Hearts...
  15. megatron532

    Everto Terminus: Let Hellfire Rain Down[Signups and OOC]

    Welcome To Earth's Final Chapter... This world has been taken from us. There are few survivors. Demons roam the streets night and day. Some are beasts, others look exactly like humans. Lucifer, their leader, has public executions, their sounds and sights interrupting every radio or Television...
  16. megatron532

    For Those Who Don't Already Know

    I went to Gamestop today, I know when the Game Guide will be on shelves, and WHY. Okay, so I went there and the guy said they have it, it came in yesterday, but I have to pick it up with the game next week. And then he said they have to do this for popular games, have the game guide released on...
  17. megatron532

    Some Light Shed On Re: Coded's Multiplayer

    Okay well, when I was at HEARTSTATION.ORG I was greeted by the news of the Pre-Order cover's release. Reading on, I also discovered they translated a description box on the back of the cover. And it held some interesting information: You can create gameplay areas of the original, and fresh new...
  18. megatron532

    Why They Need The Armor

    I remember hearing that as soon as Terra arrived in Enchanted Dominion at TGS, his armor faded off of him. And Ven wore it riding through space, so, my theory is that, maybe they ride their keyblades through space, and they have to wear armor like a sort of space suit. What do you think?
  19. megatron532

    Terra's keybalde changed.

    I feel stupid pointing this out, but in the secret ending of KH2 FM+, Terra's keyblade is different than in the fight with Sora in FM+. Here are vids to prove it: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 3: First Cutscene: Terra's Awakening YouTube - Birth by Sleep : Kingdom Hearts II and FM+ Secret Ending...
  20. megatron532

    I LIVE!!!!

    I haven't really posted much recently. But don't worry, I'm alive. Just taking a break to my own site and other personal stuff.