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    Trust Me I'm a Liar

    Hey everyone, I know most of you probably don't know me because this is my first post in a loooong time, but I figured I'd start getting on KHI a little bit more often. And what better way to do that than to post about a group that I'm in, called Trust Me I'm a Liar? We're a (currently)...
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    When persuasion fails...

    This is my first attempt at a text-based tag, so please play nice :P
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    omg inorite?

    V1 V2
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    The Sun Was Always In Her Eyes

    V1 V2 cnc pureezz.
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    PUT YA GUNS ON!!! (Voting)

    Pick. Voting closes on Monday. EDIT: Yeah, it sucks, but I'm not making a new thread just to see the sigs on here, sorry.
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    Challenge to RLM: PUT YA GUNZ ON!!!

    yup. I heard you was gettin pretty good, so i thought id challenge ya. The theme is: Fast Food! Do with it what you will. But don't rush through this, take ur time. I wanna fight you in your prime. Judges will be the first three to post. And......GO! Due Friday.
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    Band Slam

    new try, tell me what ya'll think
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    Cigarette Box Laced With Nitroglicerine

    V.1 V.2 Could i get a little cnc? not sure about this one
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    Taking a week off

    So yeah, i'm leaving today and i won't be back until next Friday. but wont really have access to this comp till next sunday... Destination: Busch Gardens. Tampa FL. Sweet to the Nth Degree. cya pplz.
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    AOTW #6 Topic

    It's a small world after all... ^there ya go, have at it. due friday, no late entries this time.
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    AOTW Hall of Fame

    Well people, this is a treat, and what some of you have been asking for. This is the Hall of Fame, where past AOTW winners will be recognized for their talents, and praised by comments and discussion from their fellow writers. Rules: - You are allowed to, as it says above, comment and discuss...
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    AOTW #5.5 (Voting)

    Okay people. Now you can comment on the stories individually (I encourage it, in fact), and share your thoughts about them. Voting of course takes place here. for this week, the judging will be different. simply, whoever gets the highest amount of votes wins :) easy, right? have at it. btw...
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    Week 5.5 Submissions

    For years, was it? For five years he had taken the mask of justice. Every bullet screamed truth, even as they seared through the skulls of the transgressors. Truth! He and his brothers lived for it. “Let us bring down a revelation,” they said, faces in shadow. “Men are equal in the sights...
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    AOTW #5.5 Topic (Under New Management)

    ok people, listen up! i'm reopening this in place of Reil. I sent a PM to everyone that has participated in (or at least looked at) previos AOTW, so you all should know what's up. the topic for the next few days: Fame is a sin DUE FRIDAY!!! This is just a little one, try maybe 3 paragraph min...
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    Eternal Relapse- Poems by Atticus

    I'll update this thread whenever I write a new poem. Here's some to start off: Espylacopa The night was cold, the air was stale The moon that shone was brightly pale The wolves were howling, the trees abound Raindrops melded with the ground In the distance, earthquakes shook And i heard every...
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    This is a new novel i'm working on, and hopefully i'll make it a trilogy. This is just the prologue, but I'll post Chapter 1 soon. Fire Prologue The city of Teriin had always been in the spotlight when it came to crime. It was highly populated with ex-cons, most still in business...
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    Jet the Hawk Sig

    Def/ one of my better one's, but idk: cnc...
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    Atticus vs. Ringleader Man (VOTE!!!)

    Voting ends at 8 pm tonight. So vote, people!
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    Atticus vs. Ringleader Man (Topic)

    I CHALLENGE YOU!!! Sig battle...due tonight at 7pm...topic: MUSICIANS!!! Guidelines....must have a clipping mask....must have a c4d....must include the color red....thats it... BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!!
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    Atticus vs. RM

    NO SELF VOTING!!! XP Ends April 15th.