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  1. Poupukeyblade

    Birth by sleep registration card

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section but whatever. Anyways why doesn't the birth by sleep bundle come with the square enix registration card?
  2. Poupukeyblade

    Roxas's necklace

    Sorry if this was already said but did anyone see that Roxas didn't have his necklace during the time he was in the organization? How did he get his necklace after that?
  3. Poupukeyblade

    Two questions(Spoilers)

    I know this is a weird question but when Namine said that everyone would forget about Xion when she got the memories from her when she died does that include her too? Just checking on 358/2 days what does the /2 days stand for?
  4. Poupukeyblade

    Kingdom hearts 358/2 site

    Sorry if this has already been told but this is new for me, the kingdom hearts 358/2 days europe site is updated with some wallpapers, gameplay, and more.
  5. Poupukeyblade

    Bonus items

    I haven't reserved a copy of kingdom hearts 358/2 days yet and i'm not sure where to get it from should i get it from gamestop, target, or amazon, whats you opinion.
  6. Poupukeyblade

    Kingdom hearts Europe site

    Hey did anyone check out the new Europe kingdom hearts 358/2 days site?
  7. Poupukeyblade

    Kingdom hearts playart figures

    I was thinking of getting one of the playart figures but i can't choose, which do you think is better? Oh and i forgot to put halloween sora too.
  8. Poupukeyblade


    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but how do you change the camera to sora's view in kingdom hearts 2 like the link below at 5:31? YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - Cavern of Remembrance (Pt. 4)
  9. Poupukeyblade

    Riku replica

    Sorry if this thread already had been made but what happened to the riku replica at the end of kingdom hearts re:chain of memories when he met axel?
  10. Poupukeyblade

    Just wondering

    I'm just wondering, what is the white room where roxas and namine are after roxas defeats the twilight thorn?
  11. Poupukeyblade

    Kingdom hearts re:chain of memories

    I'm just wondering, why is kingdom hearts re:chain of memories sold online but not in any stores
  12. Poupukeyblade


    I watched this video and saw that terra said it "isn't you that i have chosen", why is it not him, did terra choose riku as a keyblade master? The link is below. YouTube - Terra - The Lingering Sentiment [English Subbed]
  13. Poupukeyblade

    Ansem reports

    In the secret ending of kingdom hearts 2, it says all the ansem reports including ansem report 0, what does ansem report 0 say?
  14. Poupukeyblade


    I've been thinking for a long time, what are the pictures of in the twilight town mansion hallway that is between the white room and library of and what do have to do with kingdom hearts
  15. Poupukeyblade

    Release dates

    I've been thinking. since all the kingdom hearts games so far come out 2 years in between and kingdom hearts: re chain of memories is coming out this year, do you think 358/2 days, coded, or birth by sleep could come out in two years too?
  16. Poupukeyblade

    Birth by sleep trailer

    I'm just wondering, sorry if this discussed before but who is the person that is with king mickey in the woods
  17. Poupukeyblade


    I just read an ansem report and it said that it seems that only sora can see Roxas, so does that mean only the whole person can only see there nobody, i'm kinda confused.
  18. Poupukeyblade

    kingdom hearts 358/2 days

    Does anybody know what 358/2 days mean, could 2 mean roxas and xion
  19. Poupukeyblade


    Sorry if someone already made a thread like this, just wondering why can't they just call the land of the dragons China or pride islands Africa
  20. Poupukeyblade


    I have been wondering for a long time and never got an answer, sorry if someone already made a thread of this, why are heartlesses called heartlesses if they release a heart