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    Comet makes Earth-sized hole in Jupiter

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2009/jul/21/earthsize-hole-as-comet-hits-jupiter I wonder if that "object" was anywhere close to Earth.
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    let's be law-abiding heterosexual white christian male accountants

    ok somebody put a pension into my assets
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    For those who believe in miracles of God.

    Why would God make miracles for some people who are well-off and not others who are in desperate need? If God does not intercede to help those that suffer, how can he make miracles?
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    best fft job

    well imo i like teh ninja cus hes all like WHOA two swords super speed i also like onion knight aka underknight
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    "Child On FBI 'Do Not Fly' List Wants Franken To Clear His Name"

    Child On FBI 'Do Not Fly' List Wants Franken To Clear His Name (AUDIO) | Air America Media Well, I'm glad the FBI is doing a good job at keeping us safe.
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    Israel Navy hijacks Gaza relief ship

    Among the twenty one captured includes Mairead Maguire (Nobel Prize winner) and Cynthia McKinney (former U.S. Congress member). The ship was heading for Gaza to provide aid. Freegaza - News section Pursuing Justice: Should Israeli officials be prosecuted for piracy...
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    Just wanted to tell you all...

    Hello, people. I am a new member of the forums. I would just like to tell you that I am NOT Kikyo, or Alexidra. I know that you consider kikyowhereareu to be the most unintelligent being on these forums, and you're probably right, but only someone that was 100 percent retarded would use the...