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    BFU (Riku) Exists -- Unofficial Riku/BFU thread

    now before u all go stepping over me, the BFU does exist. i wuz at the SE Party and he was shown in the trailer. He even talked. and plus those who didn't went just check any kh2 fansite (its the latest news at KHU). Many say its Riku (i say that too) but is it? Many say its the Riku Replica...
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    My theories

    ok, i have sum theories, check 'em The Mission: Ok, remember how we see Sora locking a keyhole in Underworld. And TN did say/hinted that going to Underworlds (or watever they're called) of worlds has an important meaning. Now i think that Sora has to Lock the Darkness by locking keyholes in...
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    Create a Magic Power 2.0

    so lets once again create Magic Powers. Remember, magic powers..not abilites. ok here are mine: Earthquake: The whole ground shakes and your opponent becomes dizzy for a while. Electricity: Electric current shocks ur opponent Wind: A great gust (or watever they call it) knock out all...
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    The World from Deep Dive exists *CONFIRMED*

    ok, when i said this before u weirdos started to bug me, and now its confirmed so in your face. Im not saying that the world will be called 'Deep Dive City' or anythin'. Its the world from Deep Dive..sheesh. so this is the world 'from' Deep Dive..
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    Xaldin, the leader?

    all the organization members have an X in their names like Zexion, Axle, Vexen etc but Xaldin has an X as a first letter of his name. This might mean that he is that Enigmatic Unkown. just hide Xaldin's face and look at EU's and Xaldin's body ans stuff, they look alike . The point is that...
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    My theory..please comment

    i was surfin' on KH2 stuff ..lookin' at screencaps and trailers and stuff and then it hit me. whos present, light, darkness and twilight. Which keyblade belongs to whom and why....I thought of this after watchin' the Jump Festa trailer so don't go against me if ya don't have a good knowledge of...
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    Colliseum records and previous tournaments.

    yo!! i think that the collisuem will work like Ratchet and Clank 2. By using our previous data we will be shown our records in the previous tournaments (from KH1) and i think it would be cool if we could play them again,or sumthin like it..and why do i think this? 1) The previous trophies are...
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    Translations for brand spankin' new images (which are on gamespot) are needed!!!

    please please translate these new screens. Free Image Hosting provided by ImageArk.Net Free Image Hosting provided by ImageArk.Net Free Image Hosting provided by ImageArk.Net Free Image Hosting provided by ImageArk.Net Free Image Hosting provided by ImageArk.Net Free Image...
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    Magic Powers in KH2!!!! (Create-a-Magic Power)

    which magic powers should return from KH1? u tell Create new magic powers that u think should be in KH2. let the fun begin!!! Magic powers from KH1: i think that all the magic powers from kh1 should return but they should be modified. New magic powers in Kh2: Storm: a tornodo appears around...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts --my funny fanfic (funny funny)

    i will be doing KH jokes and rip off of reality shows and stuff. --------------- The Jerry Springtergerferderkillsorandmarrynaminemistershowbiz Show: tonight we will discuss a disturbing case..A boy who loves a boy but also likes a girl and that girl hates another girl who likes the first boy...
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    The 10 Confirmed Worlds Of KH2 (u may disagree..but i have proof baby!!!)

    there will be more than 10 worlds in KH2 but there are only 10 confirmed ... yet 1)Twilight Town 2)Hollow Bastion 3)Disney Castle (could be called Disney Kingdom) 4)Agrabah 5)Oylmpus Coliseum (i've heard rumors that it may be called Ancient greece..and yes..Underworld is said to be a part of...
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    questions..(provided with screenshots)

    ok,people i got sum questions isn't that the heartless boss from wonderland in kh1? if he is,what the hell is he doing in fabbeled counrtyside? is this the GEU a.k.a the unkown from deep dive? This castle doesn't look like Hallow Bastion or Disney Castle..it doesn't even look like...
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    'mature' heartless.

    hey did u guys notice that the heartless(s) in KH2 are more 'darker' than KH1. for example,Behemoth in KH1 was all pink-ish/purple-ish/cute-ish but in the TGS Trailer when we see the Heartless army, the behemoths are black and evil looking..and many other old heartless are now dark-ish. what im...
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    Kh2 Secret Bosses !!!

    i think that there should be secret bosses for each level in KH2. the only one i can think of is Sephiroth in Underworld (Oylumpus)..what do u guys think?