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    Short Hearts

    Here are my videos ...What'd you think? http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=sordum Hold on my bro. erased all of my other videos i'll have to remake and upload them again what a shame..
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    Videos of kh...

    Simple and clean in slow motion... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGThhygBQpM the other videos i made they'd be SPOIlERS for kh2 if i posted it for some ppl here.. If you want to watch it look here .
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    DR.Robotnik Wants his Kingdom hearts 2!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIFbep-8yfo just wanted to show this video.
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    Kingdom hearts skits

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKzFmRMtQCs - my favorite skit http://youtube.com/watch?v=U46UfzoM_0Q weird crossover with naruto and kh but funny..:D I like the sora and kairi part in the first skit!
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    The legend of zelda manga's

    http://www.zelda-infinite.com/files/manga/ I love the art in this, Link talks , but the battle's are too quick there aren't any dungeons shown in it that much though but i think it's okay i'm planning on buying the majora's mask manga right now.I listen to the radio Blog on this site while...
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    Thq's email address

    Does anybody know Thq's email address? I'd like to ask them if they ever thought to make a Sphinx and the cursed mummy sequel.I searched but nothing came up.
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    Willy Beamish!

    Who here has played this game my sister loves it .It's a classic game on sega it's an old game but my sister never beat it. They were going to make a sequal of it of willy in his Teenage years but they cancelled it sadly:( .It's Rare to get it but it's available to get on PC or buy it at...
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    Who is Roxas?(parody) (some spoiler scenes of kh2 )

    This has spoiler scenes of kh2 but a parody with spiderman voice over look at this : http://youtube.com/w/Who-is-Roxas?v=1nJY6usA_jQ
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    Harry potter and Elmo says!!

    Kiss my a**!!!!!!1111 http://www.youtube.com/w/Whitney-Kiss-My-Ass-Montage?v=PXALYkN18LQ http://www.youtube.com/w/Harry/Ron-Slash-on-The-Soup?v=3qLwt7F9lUs :D
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    The House Of The Scorpion!

    Does anybody here read the house of the scorpion by Nancyfarmer ? If you wanna know there making it into a movie !http://www.ioncinema.com/beta/movie.php?id=3708 I heard about this long time ago but i'm just telling the people who don't know.:D We can talk about the book and stuff here...
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    Why dd/asas are still concept or not

    In deep dive and asas those videos are concept so there both those videos can be still called concept because deepdive was a concept when we got kh with known of the other kh games like kh:com,kh2 see what i'm saying dd and asas may seem not concept now because of all the news of kh2 STUFF...
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    Anyone here likes abenobashi:magical shopping arcade?

    Does anyone like this anime it's really funny it's about two kids that go to other worlds with anime stuff that happens in video games,and other anime in one of the epidoes a boy named sasshi he turns into a super sayain it's kinda like kh only it doesn't have disney lol and has blood and nasty...
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    Might not mean anything but just look a clue or not!

    Don't know where to put this in kh or kh2 section but remember in sora's awakening with selphie,tidus,wakka maybe in bhk's awakening it will be his three friends or just look at this in the game i told them you want to see rare sights, you want to be number one, You're afraid of getting old...
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    If bhk's name was sora then.......................

    Okay i will repeat that it is possible bhk's name would be sora i don't care what bhk's name is but wouldn't you be confused if square enix just make bhk's name sora and wouldn't add anything to bhk's name to sound little different or spell it different i'm not saying it should be asora in an...
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    Symbol on magizine scan find out what it maybe!

    I'M saying what the Symbol might be on the following magazine scan! This is for the people who don't know what the symbol on the door is or who think what it is. You can agree or disagree and post what you think about what the symbol is...
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    heart and crown!

    heart and crown theory! Sorry if this has been posted or you can close this but we all know sora and bhk somehow have a connection and deepdive was a concept but look at this http://www.khinsider.com/gallery/img557.htm this is a picture of sora with the crown on the floor but is he locking a...
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    what the quote meant of bhk's freind's said

    WHAT THIS quote i think of bhk's freind's meant!!!!!!! Here's what they said this is not much of a theory twilght town,there is a poster or flyer or poster of some kind,perhaps for a fight contest.(the tournament is called struggle) fair haired kid:''we're not far from the finals! if we win...
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    new images at khu

    H :eek: ere are the new images! http://www.khinsider.co.uk/image.php?image=update/lastscan45dj.jpg http://www.kh2.co.uk./image.php?image=update/lastscan6pm.jpg http:// www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?image=update/lastscan53 the potc scan looks scary.
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    michael jackson flash animation

    here's the best flash animation of michael jackson! www.flashplayer.com/animation/jackointerview.html www.flashplayer.com/animation/jackointerview2.html www.flashplayer.com/animation/jackointerview3.html www.flashplayer.com/animation/jackointerview4.html...
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    sora look alike

    This was posted in the g4 techtv forums they said i think it was a show or something so you wouln't like the game it was about sonic x and kh they were making fun about this if you think bhk looks like sora you should look at this http://4kids.tv/sonicx/characters/chris.php you know the...