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    A youtube problem

    I did not want to post this up but im have trouble; I uploaded a video about two days ago and its keeps on saying in status: Uploaded (processing, please wait). When i search for it it doesn't show up, can someone tell me what i should do?
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    The Descent

    Anyone gonna see this movie? I think I am it looks interesting but I got pissed off when I heard they changed the ending for the US audience (if you didn't know this was a UK movie)
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    I don't believe this

    I have this big problem. Okay My birthday is less than two months away and I was thinking of not celebrating it this year, I was gonna tell my parents today but when I woke up my mom said she brought tickets to see Spamalot and needs me to invite three friends. Here is where the problem kicks...
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    Darth Vader vs. Sephiroth

    This might be the dumbest thing ever or this might have been done before but who do you think will win in a fight: Darth Vader or Sephiroth
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    What celeb do people think you look like?

    What the title says and please be honest:) . My family says I look like Anne Hathaway from the Princess Diaries or that new movie The Devil wears Prada.
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    DS help!

    I was playing with my DS when the touch screen completely stopped working for me. I couldn't get anything to work when I touched the screen. Is there anything I can do?:(
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    Possible VA for KH2?

    After see some of the new videos for KH2 and hearing some of the voices it got me questioning on some of the actors. Some sounded familiar while others didn't. Hear are two actors I think are in the game... Ricky Ullman is Seifer Jessica Di Cicco is Olette Don't flame me for this but I think...
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    Wakka look-alike in Agrabah

    I don't know if this is old but when you finish everything in Agrabah, and there are no heartless roaming around, go to the palace gates (i think) and look around and there will be a kid who looks alot like Wakka. Sorry I don't have a picture but i notice this awhile back and never got the...
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    Bringing Ooggie and Ursala Back

    We all know that Ooggie (spell?) and Ursala died in KH and are coming back in KH2. The question on my mind, and i don't know if they said it already because i know they said they're reintroducing Little Mermaid and i belive The nightmare before christmas, is how are they going to bring them...
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    Funny pictures

    i figured we should post funny pictures i'll go first, this is what happens when you give a dog some beer:
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    hi im ReturnableMemory

    Hi my name is ReturnableMemory i just found out about this site a few days ago and everyone of the posts ive read everyone is nice i hope to make some friends here. :D