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    Re:CoM NEw Opening

    Re:CoM NEw Opening well since now we know that there will be a diffeant opening from the GBA version what do you think it will be? ____________________________________________ this is my idea: The screen will be black Micky:remember sora there will always be a door to light and then we hear...
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    Soras Voice

    i havnt been here for a while since kh:2 and im really excited about this new Re:CoM and i hope it comes to Us but im just wondering since they're making it all again in 3-D with 3-D scenses how are they going to have Soras voice if Osment has gone through puberty? I hope they figure something out
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    drawing in mansion

    i was wonderin if anyone was able to see or figure out what the third drawing was in the mansion library(the one that roxas drew to open the secret way to the com room) i know the first 2 are the heartless and nobody symbol but whats the third maybe the warriors of light or somthin like that?